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No Pets Policy

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I have been checking around in my neighborhood for a new place (co-op), many of these buildings have "No Pets Policy" . (I won't go anywhere without my girls). My question is since I intend to buy can they really do this and/or is there any way around this? Thanks!
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OMG!!!! That is HORRIBLE. How could people have a policy like that and good for you being a good kitty mama and not going anywhere without your babies. I don't understand the world these days with the cat eating and people who won't even allow kitties in the building. Doesn't anyone have a heart anymore.

If I were you, I'd give them a piece of my mind!!!!!
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You may want to ask. Perhaps the policy is for outdoor animals only. They may not want poo making their neighborhoods looking bad

Otherwise I say its just safer all around to find someplace that does allow pets. If you bought and were given exceptions or threatened them in anyway they could come back to make your life there miserable. Plus its not a nice way to start making friends.

It sucks I understand. I'm sure you'll find something though.
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We are looking for an apartment or house and we are having that problem a lot! And the ones we've found that allow pets limit them! We are going to have 4 cats and a dog when we combine houses! (its me and my best friend) We are looking into finding a very cheap fixer upper home and just buying it! The limiting of pets thing just sucks!
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Aww we hope you find a place that you love!

Just keep looking & keep asking around, there must be something in your neighborhood that will work for you...we believe there shouldn't be a limit on the number of animals you can have only if you are a responsible owner & you care for them properly

That is one thing we would never do is move without our cats. Update us on if you found a place Best Wishes!

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Condos, co-ops and townhome HOAs can restrict pets. ALWAYS get a copy of the CCRs before buying.

Some of the development HOAs, in Tucson, have breed/size restrictions, for dogs. My part-pit Pearlie wouldn't be allowed in some of them.

Personally, I have no intention of buying, where there is an HOA.
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Originally Posted by katl8e View Post

Personally, I have no intention of buying, where there is an HOA.
HOA's can cause a lot of problems so IMO avoid them if you can!
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We've been renting for years, and have moved around the country a bit. I hate to say it, but pet restrictions are the norm. Most places don't allow more than 2 cats, but we lucked out and found a place that allows 3 cats. I don't know if condos/HOAs and purchased apartments require declawed cats the way rentals do. You should check into that too.

The only way to avoid all that is buy a house where there's no HOA. But you should also check with local pet laws too. Many cities/towns have restrictions on the number of cats and dogs you can have too.
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I third the No HOA s
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I don't know about where you are, but around here it's nigh on impossible to find someplace in town without an HOA of some sort. There are less restrictive ones - the ones who basically exist to ensure that common areas are maintained - and horribly restrictive ones.

If you're looking to buy, I would definitely talk with your real estate agent about your concerns and need to find a community that does accept indoor pets. They have much more experience with these types of things and may be able to direct you to areas where you would be comfortable.
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We live under the boot heel of an HOA, trust me, it really sucks.
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Lol, my dad started an HOA to keep people from building sheds, because he thought they were ugly. It worked, but right before it passed our neighbor built one and they were enemies for years.

My grandma's fined her for not having the right kind of streetlight, but her HOA is actually just the developer, who restricts what kind of mailbox you can have and such.

Anyway, if you see a Stepford Wives neighborhood you don't want to live there anyway.

I hope you can find a good place for you and your kitties.
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In the apartment we live in we're restricted on how many cats you can have, the limit is 2. And we're not allowed to have dogs. But we talked to the manager and he said as long as it didn't smell and smell up the hallway, than we could have all three cats. But we also have to pay a pet fee once a month, we pay an extra 25 per month, some places is 25 per pet (ouch).

But my fiance and I won't move no where if the cats aren't allowed, thats like telling someone you can't bring your child with you.
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I think pet restrictions are unfair, having been a landlord,not by choice hubby got transfered couldn't sell our house, irresponsible pets owners, are a nightmare, the last people had two cats, it cost me over five thousand to replace the carpets, having said that, If I still owned the house I would allow pets, I know how much mine mean to me
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I agree NO HOA you purchase a condo/townhome and they tell you what you can and can not do a homeowner ...we do however have town laws when it comes to pets but I think most towns do.
Good luck I hope it all works out .
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I live at home with my parents (still) because I cannot find a pet friendly apt. The ones I can find want $250 per cat, or else want them completely declawed & then a fee per cat. So, all I can do is wish you good luck!
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No pet policies are awful... and even when they do allow pets, they gouge you! We had to pay:

$300 fee
$300 security deposit
and $20 per month add. rent

in order to be able to adopt Orion. It was insane... but I was just so happy to be allowed to get a cat at all! He's worth every $.
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Our apartment charged a $250 pet deposit, another non-refundable $250 pet deposit and we pay $25/month in pet rent. Plus had show papers from the vet that our cats are front declawed, over 1-yr old, and fixed.

The other places my hubby looked at were just plain unlivable.
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
I think pet restrictions are unfair, having been a landlord,not by choice hubby got transfered couldn't sell our house, irresponsible pets owners, are a nightmare, the last people had two cats, it cost me over five thousand to replace the carpets, having said that, If I still owned the house I would allow pets, I know how much mine mean to me
See, this is why I think most people put pet restrictions on rentals. There are good pet owners and bad pet owners. Bad pet owners don't care what happens, while good pet owners (and good renters) make sure the animals are well behaved. I don't blame rental owners for having a pet, after all, is their property and they have to pay for damages done.

I'm not sure how a co-op works. Do you sign an agreement to buy then pay the mortgage payment to the owner and you're locked into it? Or do you sign a lease with the option to buy and you can back out at any time?

I just hope you can find something that will be right for your family. Maybe try any single houses for rent. That way you aren't dealing with a HOA (they can be a pain!). Good home vibes coming your way!
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I have never rented before but looking into apartments I see some around my area that allow cats/dogs
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Our apartments don't require declawing, but we did also have to pay a 200 pet depsoit. We are also required to show vet papers, which I think is really understandable. We're to the point with Sushi we can understand why apartments require declawing. We're getting the claw caps this weekend, hopefully we can get them on her without ending up in the ER.
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I own a condo where pets are allowed. I think the main reason for allowing pets was because no one would buy here if they were not allowed.

The rule clearly state "cats and dogs" are allowed. As well as pet birds and small animals.

The rules also state that sheep, chickens, and live stock are not allowed.
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Jeez, if you think pet restrictions in apartments are bad, then listen to this! When my parents were looking for apartments in St. Louis County in 1987 it was still legal for landlords to put limits on the number of CHILDREN their tenants had! My parents were turned down many times just because they had TWO! Disgusting.

Anyway, I picked this apartment complex I'm living in now because now only did they allow cats at all, they allowed 2. I only had one at the time, but I was planning to get another one. Now they allow small dogs (yay!), too, but still limit it to 2. There is a pet fee, but my apartment complex "swept it under the rug" since I'm a poor grad student. They've been in several times for maintenance reasons already (I moved in in January!), and they all love Loki. Possum hides, so they've never seen him, though they know about him.

I can understand a non-refundable deposit (my dog, Lady cleared that one up for me), but I just don't get the additional charge tacked onto the rent every month! It's not like they're doing anything for the animals! And I find the ones that require declawing reprehensible. Damages should be covered by the initial deposit, or even the extra rent fee.

Also, good luck to everyone finding a good, cat-friendly apartment! I'm sure you'll all find one!

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I hope you find a pet friendly place soon I know how difficult it can be.
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Hi everyone!

I was absolutely stunned to read your posts. I couldn't believe that some towns have a pet limit! I am so glad that I have my three cats and couldn't imagine the government deciding how many pets I was allowed to have.

I live in Hong Kong (although am British by nationality) and thought the US was super pet friendly! I know of apartments in Hong Kong that don't allow pets, but I also know that many people ignore it - infact, one of my friends has two bengals in an apartment and no one knows! But this is normal and everyone is aware of the situation - as long as no one sees them, you're fine. They bought the apartment (in Hong Kong, almost all homes are apartments and not houses).

You've made me thankful for my three cats!

Good luck finding a pet friendly home!



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