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The "Orange Terrors"

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Thought you guys might enjoy an update on my two former foster boys, Gus and Georgie, adopted 7 months apart by the same couple and now best buddies. Gus is 18 months old and Georgie's 14 weeks. I got this email from their meowmy this morning:

Hi Eileen,

I now have two orange terrors! Gus & Georgie just love each other!!! I think Bonnie feels a little left out. The other day when Eddie got home he thought someone broke into our house. They had our rugs flipped over, the kitchen towels were on the floor. The papers I had on the counter were on the floor. Their toys were everywhere. It looked like they had a fun day! Georgie has become a shadow to Gus. Wherever Gus goes, George is right next to him. He even follows him to the litter box. The other day George was sleeping in one of the cat beds and Gus hopped in and started grooming him. It was so cute! I took a picture to send you. George has discovered that our bed is a playpen. He likes to bring his toys in our bed in the middle of the night to play. If we don't respond, he will play with them on the floor.

Did he meow and ripple a lot when you had him? When I get up in the morning, he follows me around just meowing away. I take him to the food bowl to ensure him that there's food in there. He thinks he should eat what we eat. He will sit next to us and beg. Of course, we can't resist not to give in. We only give him chicken though.

I wish I has a camcorder. It is so funny to watch the two of them play. We nicknamed George (Scrappy.) He will not give up on Gus. Sometimes Gus tires out and will run from him, but George is right behind him. George likes to jump & pounce on him.


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Awwwww that's great that they've settled in well

Is she sure my Jacks not there either?, because theres a lot of descriptions there that fit him
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Awww! It's so nice you found such a great home for them and even nicer that they update you!
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Aw, that's so wonderful that both of your boys found such a great home TOGETHER
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Awww that is wonderful!!!!
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I'm glad they have both settled in so well.
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Doesn't that just warm your heart to know that you were able to give them to such a loving home? Good for you!! And great for them!!!
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Awwwww Gus and Georgie....we need pics, lots of pics!!!!
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That's wonderful that she keeps you updated on their progress!!! A true successs story
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Aww I remember your little orange terrors! It's so sweet that they're settled in and causing mass destruction in their new place.
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How wonderful that they've settled in so well together!
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