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Feline Greenies

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So, our cat Jerry is one of those blessed (I say blessed, because it makes our shopping much easier) animals that only eats his dry cat food. He generally refuses any scraps of meat, seafood, or any cat treats we've attempted to give him. UNTIL we discoved Feline Greenies, which he absolutely LOVES and they are good for his teeth. I thought I'd share, because maybe others have picky kitties as well. I'm sure many people have heard of them and tried them, but if not: they will send you a generous free sample from...


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Our cats LOVE them, they are the only kind of treat that samba likes at the moment.

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I am down with free samples! I have some Greenies actually, and I'm glad you shared here, I was wondering if they were healthy treats and all. I am switching to a mostly wet diet, so it'll be good to have them around for treats and to clean their teeth. I give them to my guys when they let me trim their toenails or brush them.
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You have to feed at least 18 pieces a day per cat to get any kind of minimal results. My cats like them too but I stopped feeding them because I think they have so many unhealthy fillers in them and only 27% protein. But they're a cheaper alternative to CET chews which I do give my cats.
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My cats loved them, but they gave Maggie bad gas. Every time I'd pick her up she'd toot & it was smelly. So in an effort to be fair, I don't feed them to anyone. Jordan & Levi love the N-Bone chew sticks though.
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I picked up a package of them in Petco. Charlie LOVES them. Ling HATES them....

But Charlie figured out where they were and either him or Keno got the package out and I came home to a empty bag - who know which one got it torn open but I imagine that Charlie and Keno ate them all!
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George is a HUGE fan of Greenies. I had a sample sent to me - and after he tried them he just about tore the kitchen apart looking for rest of the bag. He reacts the same way to catnip - funny how they are both green! Now they're a staple in the treat rotation. Just this evening I moved all the treats to a new "hiding" place and he's having a fit - poor thing, you'd think I never fed him!!
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My Kitties LOVE these!
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Garfield (go figure) doesnt like people food at all but he loves the Greenies. All my other cats like them too, only problem is that they dont always chew them.
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Both of my cats LOVE greenies! Everytime I come home, one of my baby would meow to get my attention and walks me towards the kitchen, where I feed him treats. Then my other baby runs over and starts her exciting meow~

Not sure what makes them go crazy for greenies. I will never know!
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Summer and Chevy LOVE them! I'm glad I tried them because Summer wouldn't eat any other kind of treat. Chevy will eat anything! I still brush their teeth, but not as often....

Last night I went into the kitchen to load the dishwasher and they both followed and stared at me until I gave them their greenies.
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