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How much do your adult kitties weigh?

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I'll try to break this apart by male and female.

The reason I ask is because my girls look pretty small compared to other cats I've seen, and people always tell me they are small. They aren't skinny, just small. I was wondering if maybe it's just cause they're female.

I've always looked after mostly male and semi-feral cats, and they were pretty large. Maybe it's an indoor thing?
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Root-Age 9-18lb

Samba-Age 3-14lb

Tubee-Age 1- 7lb

I don't know if Tubee is an adult, but I decided to put his in case he is.


Oops, didn't notice the poll, sorry!
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My Chablis is a chunker But then Kahlua barely weighs 6 lbs. and Joey is pretty average for his size.
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Petunia is about 2 and weighs 11 pounds and Pepper is 1 (like someone else said, not sure that he's an adult yet but included him!) and weighs about 13 pounds.
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Big Dexter....16lbs
his sister Sadie is 9lbs and all sugar.
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I'd consider it an adult of it's over 1 year old, although my girls were still growing then.
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Reilly is 16 lbs (all muscle)
Sydney is 14 lbs (big boned gal

and baby Molly at last check was nearing 5 lbs
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My girls: Katie, who's 14, 9 lbs, Gracie, who's 8, 11 lbs, and Claire, who's 3, 13 lbs (she's my big girl, so we're watching her weight)

Peter is 3 and not quite 11 lbs, a little on the small side for a male cat, but my vet attributes this to his heart condition and because he's so darn hyper.
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Vash -9 pounds -3yrs
Trouble -12 pounds-3yrs
Shadow -11 pounds-9yrs

Spaz -7 pounds-14yrs
Cassi -12 pounds-3yrs
Ivory -17 pounds-2yrs
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Maggie May 12 Years 14 lbs. The vet said she wasn't to worried since Maggie's thyroid sounded alittle fast.

Jazz a Boo 12 Years 13 lbs, had a hyperactive thyroid a couple of years ago and I am glad to see some meat on her bones!!!
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Twig is 22 pounds.
Rocket is 13 pounds
Isis (last weighed) was 13 pounds
Luna is 9 pounds
and Neffie is 7 pounds

Isis, Luna and Neffie were all either feral or semi-feral cats, so that might have something to do with their sizes. Neffie was the semi-feral, she was a basement cat who was afraid of everyone and everything. She still goes into panic mode when anyone but hubby and I are around. (so do the other girls though they were the ferals.)
Twig, well we got him at 6 weeks(I know hubby didn't know better) from a farm, and well despite his young age, he was better off with us. Now he's a spoiled 22 pound monster who rules the house with an iron paw.
Rocket we got from a breeder at 6 months at a cat show. He was spoiled then and spoiled now, no fear little abby, wonderful cat.
I love all of them!!!!!!!!
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Raven - 10 yrs old - 11-12lbs. I can't remember what he was in May exactly.

Nabu - 10 yrs old - 8 1/2 lbs - his weight never really changes.

Stimpy - 7 yrs old- 17 lbs. He's a couple lbs over what he should be, but we're working on that. All food is measured. At his last checkup he had lost a few ounces. So I'm hoping he'll keep that trend going.
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Mooch is 14lb and Noodles 13. Mooch feels much more muscular and has always been a pound heavier than Noodles. Noodles is a lil bit fluffy, but in build, they are both a bit longer than my Mom's cats who are about 11lb's for 2 of them and then 6lb for one.
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Mine are all girls:

Stumpy is a bit over 7 lbs
Smudge is a little under 9lbs
Lily is a little over 9 lbs - and she's all long legged beauty!
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both of them are 13 lbs. I think Miagi is like 15 lbs. now. Tiger is just long and lean at 13 lbs. oh yeah they are both males.
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Zissou weighs ten pounds and says that she is quite happy with her poochbelly, thank you very much.
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to be honest I'm not really sure but I'll guesstimate
Sapphire is a small girl so I'm thinking maybe 7 lbs
Pandora is kinda lean so I thinking possibly 9 lbs
Antigone has got a big round belly so I'll guess 11 lbs
Demeter is a cow I'll say 11 or 12 lbs
Medusa is also a small cat, but I don't pick her up so I really have no idea!
Gaia is not just a cow, she's an elephant and has got to weigh at least 14 lbs
Hades is very skinny so I'll say 7lbs for him
Poseidon used to weigh 14 when i got him but I think he's lost weight so I'll say 12 or 13 lbs
Circe is a little tiny girl but solid so I'll guess at 8 lbs for her
Dionysius is a chunky monkey I think he weighs 11 lbs
and Electra is still a baby!

Crap, I'm missing someone....oh! Nemesis it's hard keeping track sometimes!! I think Nemesis is about average and weighs 9 or 10 lbs
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I'll break it out by cat:

Levi - 12.5
Jordan - 12.16 (Sadly he was 14 lbs back in may before he got sick)
Isaac - 13.5
Maggie - 9
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My adult female is 6 lbs.
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Zebra (2 years old) is 5 pounds.
Milo (3 years old) is between 9 and 10 pounds.
Big Milo (approx. 8-9 years old) is around 25 pounds. He is really big, but not really fat. He's really, really fluffy.
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Mia is probably about 8 lbs.

Emily and Chessy are both about 13 lbs., up from 11 lbs. about 6 months ago.
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Bubbie (M) - at least 16
Boomie (M) - 14
Sandy (F) - under 10

The boys, who are brothers, are BIG cats. They are very long and tall but Bubbie is definitely a chunk who could stand to lose a few. Sandy is a small girl. Sandy cracks me up because she antagonizes Bubbie and then they will take swipes at each other and then Bubbie usually comes out losing more fur. She thinks she's bigger than she is.
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Nikita is 1.5 years and 12 pounds. She's not huge though, it's all muscle.
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We just got back from the vet with Lily and it turns out she's 8lb 11oz, so all my girls are under 9lbs!
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Bella--about 2 yrs old, just over 10 lbs at her last vet's appt
Stan--just over a year, and about 10 pounds at his last weigh in

I suspect Stan is going to get to the 13-15 lb range (he's got big paws and he's still growing), but I hope Bella stays where she is. She's got very short legs and a big spay sway so she already looks "fluffy", but the vet says she's just fine and he can still feel ribs.
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Moonlight was the runt of his litter, and is a small cat. He is 6 years old and weighs about 9 pounds. However, he does have a lot of bald spots currently from his matting problems, so that could be why he weighs less then before.
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Ling's 2 yrs old and 9.5 lbs

Charlie's 11 months (another year of growing) and 10 lbs.
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mine are all different sizes... Pixel is the heaviest of the females, but she's also a senior & the least active. she weighs 12 . Cable's the smallest adult [& the top cat, go figure ] - she weighs 9.5 . Java weighed 9.7 pounds at her last vet appointment, then she went on a diet [HER decision]. after some treats, she's back up to 8.5 - hopefully she'll keep gaining, she's still a bit thin. Chip's a bodybuilder cat - big shoulders & chest, small pelvis - he weighs 15 .
i didn't put Firefox in, since she's not an adult yet - but she weighed 2 pounds 13 ounces at the last vet visit!
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My cats are quite small, both of them are skinny, long, and muscular.

Radar at his last weigh in was just over 7 1/2 lbs
Sonic was 7lbs but not fully grown yet, he has some more to add before he's done!
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Both my female cats are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Isadora is a pretty lazy 8 pound adult, while Spotty is a chunky and extremely active 13 pound adult (not necessarily big boned, just fat). They are both indoor cats.
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