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Question of the Day - August 14th

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When was the last time you had a haircut?
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Professionally over a year, but I have trimmed my hair myself within the last week.
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Three months ago... I'm letting it grow.
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I had my hair trimmed about 2 weeks ago. I try and go every 6-8 weeks.
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3 weeks ago and i'm due for my next trim next weekend because i go every 5 weeks
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It's been awhile. I usually just trim my split ends myself because the hair stylists here get a little too "scissor happy"
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ummm....mid july I think. It had been since March before that.

I have another appointment on the 28th of this month. That's not only a trim, but to get my hair back to my natural color!
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2 months but I went 2 years before that last hair cut.
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A month ago...
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maybe 4 or 5 weeks, I usually only get my haircut twice a year-one of the perks of having long hair
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My last one was June but I had to go to a different place, and they didnt do a good job, so I have an appointment I think next week to go back and get it fixed!
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Just a trim but got it colored red again - June 25 - cause I had 2 weddings to go to on the following 2 weekends....
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Three months ago. I hate having my hair cut if I don't have to. Shoot it doesn't grow much anymore anyway. I think I killed it with all the dying I've done to it in the past years.
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I just got mine cut Saturday! I was trying to let it grow out, but its so thin now that it looks like crap if it gets too long.
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I haven't had a hair cut since March. I am letting it grow back out, long enough to make a ponytail now and I like being able to pull it up out of my face!!
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About 4-5 weeks ago? My hair is layered and short, therefore it needs to be trimmed every 8 weeks.
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End of April!!! My stylist is going to be peeved that I haven't seen him.
Good thing I wear my hair in a pony tail in the summer so those roots aren't too noticeable!!
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I usually trim my own and color my own hair( been since June)...but when I want a style change I go to a stylist.
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I think it was last year but maybe the year before? Can ya tell I don't frequent beauty salons?
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The beginning of July. Grow back hair grow!!!!
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Back in May or June. I need to get it trimmed.
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About a month ago .
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Two weeks ago and I'm not happy with it. I can't wait for it to grow out some more so I can get it styled by a different barber!

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2 to 3 weeks ago.
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I buzzed my head on Sunday, does that count?
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Beginning of June. I got about 5 inches off. My hair is really healthy so I don't even go every 6 weeks like I should. I think I have had highlights once or twice. I am VERY picky about my hair. Although I cannot wait until it grows back
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A couple of months ago, I just got a trim. I only get 'trims' every 8 weeks or so because I am growing out my third lock for 'Locks of Love'. (I am a hair donor and will be donating in mid 2009)

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About a month ago. but I usually go about every three four months, My daughters both have long hair (their choice) so I trim it when needed, I take my son about once a month, I cut hubby's he hates having his hair touch, althou there is getting to be much less to cut
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I think it was about three weeks ago.
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I go every 6-8 weeks. The last was on 20 July. I'm probably good until mid-September now.
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