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new kittens

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Hi all,
just adopted 10 week old brother & sister short-hairs from their mother two days ago - she is ginger, bigger, bolder and more relaxed (purrs a lot); he is black, scrawnier, quiet and nervous (hasn't purred yet!). We are keeping them confined to a single room for a few days to let them get acclimatised.

Question 1 - should we get their first vet's visit over with before they settle in fully, or let them get more comfortable before inflicting the next trauma?!

Question 2 - is it normal that they seem to be asleep every time we go into the room? They come out of bed (he reluctantly) and play when we're in the room, but as soon as we leave them they go back to sleep - hopefully this isn't depression?

Thanks in advance!
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p.s. sorry for posting in the wrong forum initially
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Sounds like normal behavior for young kittens. But I'd schedule the vet appointment now for them - won't hurt them.

And double check the sex on both - if you have male and female you need to schedule them for spay/neuter as soon as the vet will do it - hopefully before 4 months old, cause they can mate at 4 months old - you especially do not want brother/sister to breed!
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thanks! timid li'l black guy finally purred after some serious manual labour (rubbing & cuddling!), and they're getting their first vet visit asap.
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Hi again - the vet informed us that timid lil' Max's big boisterous sis is actually a bro But (one quick change of name later) Otto and Max both are fine!

But... since introducing them to the rest of the house over the past week or so, Otto has become increasingly listless and bored, and not inclined to play with playful Max (who keeps pestering him, to no avail) at all. He just sleeps and sleeps - he wanders out of bed occasionally, then just sort of... stops, sits, lies down, sleeps some more :-(

This doesn't seem normal for a 12-week old kitten who is healthy and until a few days ago was full of beans? Can kittens get depressed?

Maybe he's jealous that his previously quieter brother is finally competing with him for attention (and winning, right now)?
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Both of our kittens slept a whole lot the first week they joined us, they seemed to be most awake at night. But kittens do sleep alot, as most cats do, the eat, play, potty & sleep over & over. I think they go through a short time they may be a bit lost. They ahve been in a place with mom & siblings & now, a new place, new people, no mom. They will adjust jsut fine & sleep less one they are more comfortable in your home.
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