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The Cats of Parliament Hill

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Here's a story of a man named Rene Chartrand who kept a promise. It involves feeding the feral cats of Parliament Hill in Ottawa,Ontario, Canada. I was in Ottawa 5 years ago, and I met this amazingly, dedicated man. I can't believe I forgot to share this story with you and just found this on another site.

ABC News just did a story on him and here's the link:

Rene Chartrand

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What a sweet story.
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I saw that on t.v. Those cats look really well fed eh? ha ha. I hope he finds someone to look after them when he's gone, it would be really sad to see them all die because no one wants to have that responsibility. It would be good for an older person who has no kids in the house and can afford the time, energy and supplies needed for this job. What a great guy!
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That is a wonderful story. I am going to move it to the Feral Forum though.
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What a wonderful story! I sure hope he finds someone to take his place.

I wonder whether the cats are all spayed or neutered?
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I was wondering the same thing, Renae. But it does warm the heart to hear such wonderful stories!

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Just wanted to update everybody on this story. I emailed the Government of Canada's website to find a contact address to send a donation to the Cats of Parliament Hill. I just received the email today, since my original request was forwarded to Brian Caines (the man mentioned in the original article). Brian visits Rene Chartrand (the catman) every day during his lunch breaks.

Here's the email and if you would like to make a donation please PM me for the address.
Thank you for your request for information regarding making a donation to Rene. The easiest way to do it is to send it directly to
Rene. It would be easier for Rene if the donation were made in cash as he doesn't often deal with the bank. All donations made to him are
used to buy "wet" food for the cats. Dried food is donated by Ralston-Purina and by a very kind gentleman who occasionally drops by Parliament Hill with many bags of food.

Today is -25 degrees Celsius and I visited the colony at noon and sure enough Rene was there!! He has not missed a day in over 15 years and he's just turned 81!! What dedication.

With thanks and with best wishes for 2003.

Brian Caines
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This is such a wonderful story. I hope the man you spoke with will take over the job when Chartrand becomes too old to do so.

Thanks for the update!
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That is a very great story!!!! And very heartwarming!!!! THANKS!!!!!!
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What a wonderful, wonderful man! Thanks for the update Kass!
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