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I did a good deed tonite!!

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So tonite my son and I were going to run to Wal Mart(keep in mind its about 15 miles away) ok, so we are headed out and its dark, so you can see *glowing eyes*......lol....so here we go, Im turning around because we saw that it was a kitty.

Come to find out, it was a friend of mine's kitten, we still arent sure how it got there.......we are talking a 'lil kitten, and quite aways away!!

She says it either was up in her truck(yes its an outdoor only kitty) and it may have fell out when she was headed out of town, or she said her ex hubby's brother might of taken it and dumped it!

Anyways, theres no way I can keep it, so I took it to her. Her 'lil girl was tickled pink....and they do feed it, I just wish she would let her go in!! Shes such a sweet loveable kitty.
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Aw, that's one lucky kitty! I'm glad she's back home.
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Awww, good for you for taking the sweetie back home. Honestly, it is amazing how kittens can get transported. The first kitten I ever got hopped a ride in a guys engine and traveled 10 miles unhurt except for some oil marks on his coat.
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Where I work, some guy pulled up to the drive thru and I asked him through the speaker about his cat because I kept hearing meowing, turned out the cat was under his car and he'd been running around all day, never even noticing
comeon, if I can hear it, surely you can. So we coaxed her out and I gave her to someone I thought would be a good parent, unfortunately, she's been pregnant twice in the last few months, and I can't find the guy to turn him in for animal neglect. I've heard nothing but bad things about this poor cat and I feel terrible. I wish I could go and get her but I can't find the guy. If I ever do......
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