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Weird Summer Weather This Year

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Our garden, which is usually in full glorious bloom the middle of August, has already started winding down like it's Autumn.

Normally, we have cool and dry summers.

This year, except for one day in July which was the hottest day ever recorded in Victoria, we've had pretty much a cold and/or rainy days. I keep waiting for it to warm up.

Has your summer weather been unusual this year, too?
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Yep. A few weeks ago the humidex hit around 45*C. On Sunday night/Monday morning, it was 5*C. I'd actually rather have cooler weather.
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yes, here in germany well in frankfurt the leaves are already falling 0ff the trees like it is at the end 0f september, i think its because spring/summer came earlier this year, I was at the p00ls late April because it was s0 h0t!

June and July and s0 far 0f august has been s0 rainy it sucked!
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Yep, here too. We had those two hot (102F) days earlier in the summer but so far August has barely touched 80F. This is our hot month usually. Weird!
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Here in Southern Ontario we've had a pretty decent summer. A fair bit of rain lately, but that's good for the garden.
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We've been in a drought most of the summer. The rain started to fall last week (thank god!) after not raining since MAY!!! Now its raining every 2-3 days.

I'm happy for that though.
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Actually, our summer here in Northeast Ohio has been pretty much normal, except for the dry weather we had. Spring started out like a normal spring, even though we had 3 feet of snow on Easter, but that is not unusual for the snow belt of Ohio. It didn't get hot until July and we finally had a lot of rain the first 2 weeks of August.
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I heard on National Public Radio this morning that Phoenix has had 24 days this year at or above 110 (F). 4 more days and they will break their previous record.

My friend has complained about the excessive heat wave in the Denver area.

We have been over 100 (F) for a week now and it's not supposed to break until late this week.

We spend a lot of time watering the vegetable garden and all the trees we planted this spring. All the good fruits and veggies are just coming in and we don't want to lose them.
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We had a dry spring and a very dry summer (30 days no rain). The temps haven't been too bad though. We are just starting to get teeny amounts of rain though-I've been doing lots of watering of flowers and veggies-the lawn is terrible though I hope it bounces back!! On the other hand as this is a big farming area lots of the cornfields look bad-the one across the road from me has big area of stunted corn turning light yellow. Soybean crops are looking crispy too. If we don't get significant amts of rain (at least one inch) this week many crops will have a dramatic reduced (if any) yield!!
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We've had severe drought conditions here this year, and a lot of the trees have been looking really stressed, especially the smaller ones. And the lawns are all dryed out too, so I think we'll be seeing fall colors earlier than usual this year.

Gail, we've have several severe thunderstorms over the last few days. I'm not sure if we got enough rain to help the crops, but the lawns are already starting to bounce back. So there is hope...
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