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Vibes for my sister-in-law? Ectopic pregnancy...

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Would I possibly be able to get some vibes for my sister-in-law? I just found out from Dad that she was rushed to hospital last night bleeding internally from an ectopic pregnancy.

She is nearly 39 and she and my brother were trying for their second baby. I am hoping that this will not endanger her fertility but we don’t know anything at this stage yet. I can’t get in touch with them yet.

Would everyone mind please keeping them in your thoughts? I appreciate it - we're very worried about her.
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Yes, most definately!!

I hope everythings ok......

Can ya let us know when you hear something please?
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I sure will. I'm having a little trouble finding anything out myself. My brother is not answering the home phone or his mobile (understandably) and my parents don't know too much yet either. I don't want to worry her parents or family just yet with any extra phone calls. I am trying to find out which hospital she's in (my Dad is hopeless at information like that) but I know she's not in the one where I work and I don't think she's in the one where Max works, although that is a public hospital with an emergency department. I'll keep looking. She's probably at our emergency Women's & Maternity hospital.
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Do you know how far along she is?
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Your SIL is in my prayers.
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Thanks. I just spoke with her. They had only just found out they were pregnant but the ectopic ruptured inside her fallopian tube. She had emergency surgery to remove the tube and she had a blood transfusion as she had bled an awful lot internally.

She is going home from hospital tonight though and is feeling a little better physically, although very sad. The good news is that her prognosis is good. Her fertility will be affected but by much less than she originally thought - only 5-10%. So hopefully they will be able to get pregnant again as soon as it's safe.

They are very upset over the whole thing, as are we. Their daughter is our only niece / grandchild and so we were looking forward to another one. But I guess it wasn't meant to be. RIP poor little baby.
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Continued vibes for your SIL. I hope she has a fast recovery. RIP little one.

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I am glad she is okay and has a speedy recovery! RIP little one.
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Oh I feel for your SIL! I had an ectopic pregnancy when I was 26. After the first one, the odds of them reocurring are about 10-12%. If she does have a second one, then the odds of a third one go up to about 50%.

And for someone who asked, they typically happen at 6 weeks, which is the point when the fetus is large enough to burst the tube. The bad thing with it is that most women just find out they are pregnant and then this happens.

Before the days of modern medicine, women usually died from these. But as long as she got immediate medical care (which most women have emergency surgery these days), then recovery is very good.

I am sending your SIL very strong vibes her way!

And PM me if you want more information. Having lived through it, I understand a lot about them. There's some things I won't post in open forum.
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To a swift recovery. I'm so sorry she lost the little one. When I was 5, one of my caretakers died from this. I'm glad your SIL was able to get the proper medical attention she needed.
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