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Park Pics

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My family all got together this past Saturday at Eagle Fern state park. I don't get out of the city much so it was a wonderful treat for me

Here are a few pics I took.

This is the creek:

Here are a couple pics of the water dwellers

As my nephew calls them, skippers:

and some skippers with tiny little fish

That's all!
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Those are nice clear photos. I love how those little dudes can walk on water!
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Awww, nice pics. I love the litle tiny fish
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Oh! So beautiful. That reminds me so much of a place Mum and Dad used to take us as kids, called Rocky Pool. Sadly, there's no water there anymore, like most places here

They are beautiful photos! It's hard to get good shots of moving water
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I love how clear the water is!

Seriously if I Lived out there I don't think I could live in the city. I love nature too much.
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so pretty!! nothing like a nice day in the park
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So gorgeous! Makes me want to go there with my dogs.
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How relaxing! I need to do that more!
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Great pictures. I could spend all day at the state parks, mostly fishing, but it's so relaxing to just sit there and listen to the water and the birds and insects and watch them go about their business all day.
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Those are very nice photos! I wish I could go camping now!! Looks so peaceful!!!
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