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Friday DT

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I hope you don't mind me starting a Friday DT, I have never started one before, so here goes...

Walked this morning, made the appointment with the V.E.T (shh) for the kitten.
This arvo, I have an haircut, and then we have to go shopping to buy Kitten his new bed, carry box, litter boxes, feeding bowls, and whatever else we can think of. Jake has gone to get his school books for this semester starting next Wednesday. So a Looooooonng day for the two of us!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Nothing new here. I'm starting my regular three day weekend and I'm getting some cleaning done this morning. So far it's been a dry winter here and we just have little patches of snow which is fine with me!!! I have heard we might get some snow mixed with sleet tomorrow, but everytime they say something like this they're wrong.

What do meterologists know about these things anyway?????
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Not much going on here. The IT guy told me that he's taking the network down in about an hour, so I probably won't be able to be on this afternoon. I hate it when they force me to do WORK instead of being here! LOL

It is entirely too nice outside to be stuck in an office anyway. When I left for work at 7:20 it was already almost 50 degrees. Amazing for January in Colorado.
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kiwideus...glad you started the DT thread. Everyone is welcome to start one. I always begin my day looking for it, hoping someone has started it because I find I make a pest out of myself doing it too often

My life seems to be getting prety much back to normal. Although I do not have much time to post here, it is getting better day by day.

My aunt has been cooking up a storm for me at home. I now have: Sheppards pie, meat pies, apple pie, lasagna, chicken, desserts, soup and the list goes on. There is no stopping this woman. Oh yeah....and all of my laundry is done. I'm only sad because she leaves on sunday.... It's been nice having this little break.

The snow has started here....expecting 10-15 cm before tomorrow. I hate driving in winter. Plus....it's waaay too cold for my liking. I much prefer the heat.
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No Whiskers Mum you're not a pest at all, I AM! MWAHAHA

Oooo Friday, well considering I've had all this week off to lounge about I could tell you the exciting tail of how I installed Direct X 9 on my PC, or how I discovered the meaning of life in the neighbours letter box, but I won't

Instead I shall tell you the wonderous tail of Eric, the exploding goldfish.

Once upon a time there was a Goldfish called Eric (hence the title of the story). He had a lovely time just swimming about in his tank not even wondering what was going on outside his fishbowl.

The one afternoon he caught a glimpse of a shiney object in the outside world.

'I wonder what that is?' thought Eric then promptly forgot about it because he had the memory of a goldfish.

Then later on that day Eric was swimming about very happily when he happened to see a shiney object outside his bowl. Getting excited he pressed his goldfishy face up to the glass, then he exploded.

The End.

Sorry but I cannot think of anything to talk about today So I hope you like my story.
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The usual, here - warm and dry. We're expecting a high of 70, today and warming up, to 80, early in the week.

I think that I've, finally, broken Pearl of chewing my cushions. She, still drags it off of the chair but, she doesn't chew it. As I was spraying the cushion, she was licking the spray out of the air. She, then, took a lick at the cushion and made an awful face!

Have a good weekend.
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I'm so bored! Work is slow this week and no one is calling to pester me. I haven't been feeling myself lately. I'm so tired all the time. I'm looking forward to tomorrow! It's cold very cold here! I can't wait to go home and snuggle up on the couch and watch the Bucks win the Fiesta Bowl.

GO BUCKEYES! :girly2:

Hopefully my car won't be turned over and burned!:laughing:
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BuNN, Not that your story was not a masterpiece, but could you please tell us about your Direct X9?

Cindy, if you keep telling us about that great weather of yours, you're going to have to add on to the house! Those of us suffering through the cold, snowy weather might show up on your doorstep at any minute.

We're having out New Year's Day celebration tomorrow, because it's the first time we could get everyone together at the same time. It's going to be a busy day. There are 7 children coming, from age 3 months and up, so I expect the kitties to spend the day in hiding!
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Just got back from the dentist. He was really nice, and his office is on the cutting edge of technology. My teeth were displayed on a monitor by my chair, which was pretty cool! The dentist does laser work instead of drills, and he said over-all except for three teeth, mine are in good shape, which I was relieved to hear. I go back monday for a filling and crown- and of course I have to have other work but he will work with me over time, so that is good.
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Only have a minute on the site! I am stressing out! I have had only 2 days to prepare for a training course I have been asked to give as of Monday and I am no where near prepared as I have had other work to do also! I will come in to work early on Monday and get a head start before the trainees arrive. I will try to destress myself by watching the Toronto Rock defeat the Colorado Mammoth in Lacrosse tonight - Heidi - have you ever seen your home team? Sorry, but I already predict that we win by 4 goals! They are playing in Colorado tonight and I don't know if the game is on Canadian TV - if not it will be on the radio!

Hope everyone has a good weekend - I have to get back to course preparation now! SAVE ME!
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I haven't seen them yet. They actually just started the team this year! I need to find out if we can get tickets through Earl's friend who works at the Pepsi Center, where they play (along with the Nuggets and Avalanche, but not at the same time ). Although, even if he can't they are pretty cheap - start at $5. Sad to say, I don't even know the Mammoth's record.
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I am doing an evening shift tonight at the old age home (whoo-hoo...) I don't usually do evening shifts but the hubby and I want to go to Mexico so I have to subject myself to getting up early (from night shift) to go back to THAT PLACE and work my butt off for 8 hours. Why couldn't I have chosen a secretarial job or somthing? Noooo, I have to choose a job where all the staff are obnoxious control freaks who like to check my work and throw it in my face. I literally run for the whole eight hours! Phew! I can't wait to be off at 11 tonight and come home back to the understanding people of TCS. I have never before met truly nice, honest people before as I have at this place.

Anybody know how long it would take to become a veterinary assistant? I'm always looking for new job opportunities. I realize it probably won't pay as much as the nursing industry, but if I won't have an anxiety attack before every day and evening shift, it would be worth it.

Right now I'm drinking my Irish Cream coffee and holding my bladder while Tigger sleeps in my lap. :laughing::laughing2 If only I could stay here all day.
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I met yet another person at the church next door (our new landlords) and he is such a pain in the butt! I called one of them about the septic system problems last night, and they had someone out today to clean it. This guy from the church has been sitting in the parking lot all day watching the houses. He gave me a paper to sign, and has been after me all day to "just go ahead and sign it, go ahead and pay the rent, and get it over with" even though I told him repeatedly we wanted to read it and we would return it with the rent, due on the 10th. He came over and asked for it back, then went and pestered our boss about it. He sold them the property, and no longer has anything to do with it. I went to get it back and take it for my s/o to sign it, and he gave me a different paper, and demanded that we return it before he left. I was really angry that my s/o caved and went ahead and signed, and made me, because there was an issue we wanted to discuss with the guy in charge. Now we have no recourse if he says no. I love him dearly, but sometimes he is such an idiot! This has really inspired me to get off my butt and get a real job! Sorry to vent! I hope everyone else had a better day than I did!
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Looks like it has been a long day for some people! Went and had the hair cut, then got all the stuff ready for kitten, now all I have to do is think of an appropriate name, I think I will wait to see his personality first as I need to be able to match up his name with a name sign, so he can understand it.
Super-Walmart was so crazy as we went to get the groceries, so many rude people around, it really riles me up. But then again I am in a town that is full of rude people like you wouldnt believe. I am looking forward to picking up this little kitten and I hope it goes all swimmingly!
Tonight, I will be watching Medical Detectives and then watch the movie XXX with Vin Diesel - anyone seen it? I like that kind of movie
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