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Unintelligent cat?

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I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, if I'm not please move it. I was wondering, does anyone have a cat that is not really intelligent? I know this probably sounds weird, but my cat samba is kind-of stupid. I love him more than any of my cats, he is my baby, but he is stupid. We have had him for 3 years and he doesn't know his name. He is very clumsy. And most cats if you look in there eyes you can see a personality, we just can't see that in him. So I was just wondering if anyone else had a cat like this.

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It might be a little much to say there's no personality at all. Does he not show any affection, like certain foods better than others, choose his favorite spots to lay, etc?

That said, of course some animals are smarter than others. I even notice this in my geckos... some can figure out how to eat out of a food bowl, others are just too simple to even notice it.
Nature usually takes care of the slower animals, but that's why you're there to take care of your baby and protect him. Could it be possible that there's some inbreeding in his past?

And maybe his personality just isn't the dominate, take charge cat. As long as you love him it really doesn't matter.
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I had a cat several years ago who I found as a stray in a McDonald's parking lot when he was a tiny kitten.

It took me a matter of a couple of days to figure out he was mildly retarded.
I loved him to death but he couldn't learn things like going in the litter box and clearly lost his mother early as he would try to nurse on me for the two years that I had him. Ultimately, that's why my parents gave him away when I wasn't home one day.
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Stupid is kind of a harsh word for an innocent little creature,don't you think? But then, I am one of those people that think stupid is a very bad word. Have you considered he may have a medical condition? Have you had him seen by the vet? He really could have a serious problem going on!
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My mom has a cat that is a bit 'dense'. He doesn't learn things quickly at all, and gets confused easily. But he's a super nice friendly cat, and he did eventually learn his name.
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Just so you know, I do love him so much, so I'm not trying to be mean. He was my first cat. Root came with my husband. It's just he doesn't understand things as easily as the other cats. He kind-of has a personality, but it changes constantly, he will be a cat that always needs to be by you one day and be an independent cat the next day. One thing that I don't understand is that he goes through times of loving and hating his food/treats. He will love some treats one day and hate them the next. I don't think there is anything wrong with him, I just think he isn't as smart as the other cats. I do agree that stupid was a little to strong of a word, but at that time I couldn't think of another word to use. Well, I just wanted if you guys had a cat like that.

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Have you had his hearing checked? Maybe he doesn't know his name because he can't hear (or at least distinguish) it. Animals are very good at compensating for things like this in their own way, much harder to figure out the problem than it would be with people, so if you're sure he can hear, but just doesn't get it, that's good, but if not, maybe get him checked out.
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I would say there are "slow learner" cats. I've just had all really smart ones, so I can't really relate. Tho I've heard from other friends that had cats that acted slow and could not figure things out.

I used to say that Spooky was "brain dead" at times cause he didn't act like the typical rex. He was not easily spooked, loved to go anywhere with you, was very easy going at shows - would sit on the chair or lap like a persian that didn't want to run, was very good with kids - never ran from them, etc.

But he just was a very people oriented, loving, laid back rex.....lol He also let his sister open all doors - acted like he didn't have a clue as to how to open them even if he sat and watched.
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