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Feeling like a TERRIBLE kitty mommy right now

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A little bit of detail, I dropped a glass on the kitchen floor yesterday and it shattered EVERYWHERE. So blocked out the kitty babies (of course) until I got (I thought) up every little shard and then went over it with a flashlight again AND walked on it myself. I'd rather that *I* got hurt then one of my angels.

But apparently I left one - - or I think I did - - because Bubbles came scampering out with blood coming out of her paw. I washed it as best I could but she's so wiggly it's hard. I don't think there is any glass still there.

I'm a terrible, terrible kitty mommy. I've been giving her a few extra treats to make up for it.
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Don't beat yourself up over it. Seriously. You cleaned up the best you could and we all know you would never deliberately hurt your baby. You're a wonderful mommy and your kitties are lucky to have you.
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Oh no, poor kitty!!!! You did everything you could, and unfortunately accidents happen. We had a glass smash on Saturday night on carpet and every time I go by I check for glass but I know if there's a piece still there the kitties will find it!

Just check the paw again later on when Bubbles is settled down and give it another look over, and take her down to the vet if she's limping tomorrow. She'll be fine
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Thanks Gene and Sarah.....maybe I'm just a little sad tonight in general from silly life stuff too............but just the sight of her with the blood on her knowing that I should have cleaned up better made me feel horrible. She can't fend for herself, you know? It's up to me.

Hugs to you both for the truly kind words...
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Awww, it's not your fault. You did the best you could to protect your babies. Cheer up.
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Its ok!

She will be ok meowmy....

Dont beat yourself up over it, ok? You did the best you could.
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Oh everyone is so nice here. Truly. It's making me a little weepy right now.

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She'll be fine. I know how you feel, I'm paranoid whenever I break a glass, I sweep, vaccuum, sweep, vaccuum over & over.
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Glass shatters everywhere and it is very difficult to get it all. You did your best so forgive yourself.
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AWE, goodness... you feel so bad because you ARE such a good kitty meowmy

She'll be alright. You did the best you could.
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Don't feel bad, when glass goes everywhere like that it's almost impossible to get every last bit of it, you did all you could and your cat should be fine. I do understand the way you feel, I will never forget the guilt I felt having to take Sonic to the vets when he was little because we shut the sitting room door on his foot. And last night I trod on his tail in the dark and made him scream These things happen
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