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WOW!!! I haven't been on for a couple days, because I have been so busy, and look what happens!!! Blue starts a wonderful thread, and I have two pages to read to catch up!!!

I loved reading all your posts!!

My mornings:


Alarm goes off at 10 till 6 am
potty break

shower and dress (quickly)
brush teeth
fix hair a little
put on deoderant
put on some makeup

feed cats
grab jacket and head for the door at 6:30 am
Start work at 7

Weekends: (unless I have something planned for that day to do with my hubby or friends
Up whenever the heck I feel like it....(might be noon)
potty break
feed cats
Eat something
watch Tv
get bored....go back to bed.... LOL
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swalker, how did the morning pages go? did you try them yet?
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May I tell you, how I could quit smoking?

It wasn't such a difficult job as I had thought (for 20 years of my life!!!) I had heard about the AA-people, who first admit that they need God or other "higher power" to help. So I prayed the Lord for to take the nicotine-dependence off, I gave myself wholly for the Lord, because I understood that never by my own power I couldn't become sober... So He did it! It was very easy with Him! Now I've been without cigarettes 6 years - without any troubles at all. I'm sooooo happy!

And! my is happy, too: he doesn't need to inhale any smoke at his home. I have my both hands free to caress him. And I am able to give him meal without getting smoke in to my or his eyes!

With satisfied, warm purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs from:

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