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What is your morning routine?

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well, my morning routine consists of, tumbling out of bed,
peeing for 5 minutes! (i have a small bladder, it's my alarm
clock) then searching for my cigarettes, having a cigarette,
making coffee or tea, if my amazing best-friend hasnt done so already
waiting for coffee! :laughing: while waiting i usually stumble around the house,
petting & feeding my cats, they are the loviest in the morning,
they follow me about, purring & meowing, and i swear, smiling

then i sit down with my coffee and write my "morning pages"
which is an excercise i do everyday, what it is, is very
simple and very rewarding:

you first buy a loose-leaf notebook, then every morning,
when you are awake enough to focus you sit down with
it and write your stream-of-conciousness thoughts down, no
editing, no thinking, just thoughts. those first
thoughts that come when you wake up, whether they be,
man, i look horrible today, or, i hate mornings!! or whatever
you just go with the flow of your mind, and get all of it
out so it doesnt prevent you from having a bad day

you dont show it to anyone, or critisize it, or anything,
it's just there to help clear your mind.

it sounds like an easy enough thing to do, but believe me,
it took me a few years to settle into this routine, but it's
changed me.

i found out about it through a book i have called:

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

and then, after that, i drink 2 cups of coffee, and smoke a lot,
try to wake up (it takes me about an hour to two hours to
fully wake up) :confused2

then i am off to my job, which i do here in my home
i write for a living, and i love it.

sooo, what are your mornings like, and what does everyone
do for a living?

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Wow Blue What a morning.

I wake up at 8am and cuddle up with my kitty who
is always right next to me or has her face
smashed into mine.. :laughing2

I make coffee, jump in the shower,
get dressed and all pretty for work.
Feed Lily, and fill her glass with fresh
water and give her many kisses goodbye : :love2

Than off to work I go.. My father owns an
event company. We do casino events for
private and company parties. The gambling
isn't for real money (since gambling is
illegal in Oregon).
The guests play with fake chips and
try to win prizes. We have casino's,
murder mysteries, game shows, horse racing,
hypnosist shows, inflatable games, and a lot
more exciting events.

I am the party coordinator.
I meet with clients and plan a fun and
exciting evening for them.
who wouldn't love to be in the party
atmosphere all day at work?
Well... it's not that exciting all
the time, but I do enjoy my job!

I am not a morning person at all, so it
will kill me to wake up an extra two hours
just for me time. I think I would love
it if I could.
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swalker!! that sounds like quite the job, what a great
company your father has there

i guess i forgot to mention bath time! i do shower!
well, i take baths, every morning, and at night - for my back

i usually wake up with at least 3 out of my 4 cats sleeping
right ON me, which, as sweet as it is, isnt good for me,
because of my back - in my sleep i'll sense they are there
so i wont move around, then when i wake up i am always in the
most uncomfortable position with all my cats lying on my
legs, right up against my sides, on my back, pretty much all
over!! i have considered closing my door at night, but they
absolutely wont hear of that *sigh* what can you do?
i choose to suffer

i know what you mean about being a morning person, though
early morning is my favourite time of day, i hate waking up,
i need about 8-10 hrs of sleep and if i dont get to bed
early enough i wont be up till early afternoon - between 10-11
it's easy for me to make the time in the morning because i
dont have to go out to go to work, but you should consider
it, or try it out, it only takes about 30 minutes to do
morning pages, so you would only really need to wake up
45 minutes earlier

your Lily sounds precious! i wish i could meet everyone's

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Ahhh.. thanks Blue

I think I am going to give it a try tomorrow morning. I'll let you know how I do!
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My day starts with an alarm clock at 530am. I light a cigarette and sit in bed until about 540. I then stumbledownstairs and grab a cup of coffee that has been warm since 5amsince I have an autoset on the maker. Then I carefully stumbleupstairs to the computer. I get about 15 minutes to check the site and e mail my mom. Hubby comes in at 605 to tell me he's out of the shower so I can get mine. From 615 until 630 we sit and have some more coffee together and enjoy the quiet. The 6 year old is stillFrom 630 until 715 I clean cat boxes,windex essentials,make beds and get myself and my daughter ready.
740 I am off to drop my daughter off and go to work This is the really boring part. I work for the Army veterinarian as a receptionist. It is the typical 8-4 job. I have never found my real profession. Before this I worked at Radio shack for 3.5 years and did my dad's books for his machine shop.
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well, the beginning of your day sounds very warm, coffee with
your husband, relaxing & waking up

what do you think you would do, want to do, as a profession, if you
could change it right now?
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You know, thats a really good question. I have never been able to set myself on any one thing. There are so many things out there that interest me. Like my music, I like it all with a few exceptions. I would like to work for a vet who does not declaw and has the animals in the very best interest. I also breed munchkins which I neglected to call my job. It is a full time job, but I love it so very much that I dont call it work. I suppose if I could have my way, I would have lots of money and stay home on a large peice of land though. I would volunteer my services for a vet a few times a week. Boy is dreaming nice!!!Everybody here is so interesting and there is me..LOL
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i have a lot of friends and family that also cant decide on
one thing, or one true passion that they can make a living

i realize it's a blessing to know what it is you truly want
to do and go out there and do it.

i have been lucky enough to know what i want to do with my
life from a very young age, which is to write, express myself,
and help people & animals, along with my love for photography & pottery.
(though those are just hobbies right now)

i just take the things that i love and try to make money
doing them, supporting myself financially & spirtitually.

you would probaly make an incredible Vet, Sandie or Veterinary Assistant -
i dont think it's ever too late to start a new career.

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My cat is my alarm she wakes me at 5:30 every morning! So I wake up, feed her, get my coffee going, take a shower, and then I cook breakfast! I am almost done cooking by 6:10 when I wake my son, get him in the shower, and have my first smoke! Then I fix my sons plate and finish getting him ready for school! The bus comes about 6:50! After the bus comes I fix my cup of coffee and sit on the couch with Kitty loving on her. We watch the news then I get up and do the house work (what ever needs to be done)! Then I piddle on the computer! I can not work due to a neck injury !
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well my mornings are like this.....

wake up by the cats sitting on my head at about 7.30am, roll outta bed at 7.45 go pee while the cats are weaving around my legs.

Coffee and smoke time. I normally put coffee and water in the coffee machine the night before so all I have to do is switch it on. While that is brewing I have a glass of water and a smoke.

Then it is kitty feeding time.

I get in the shower normally a cold one to wake me up at about 8am.

Dress - I never dry my hair after washing it.

I am normally ready for work by about 8.30am.

I have another cup of coffee and I normally take that to work with me.

Leave the appartment at 8.35am.

Arrive at the office at 8.40am - I live right next door to the office.

On the weekends my mornings goes like this....

Thursday I wake up at 5am and have a very stong instant coffee and a smoke, struggle myself into myu horse riding breeches.

6am riding.

8am arrive back at the ranch

8.10am wash down the horses and put them back in their stables

8.40am go back to the house and sleep.
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I wake up with hubby at 6AM. If I'm not being lazy, I take the dog out for a walk (she can do without then as she spends the day running around out large backyard). Then I sit by the computer and start "working". More often than not I start by spending a couple hours on the forums. Only then comes the coffee (actually decaf) and then I start answering emails and working on the site.

The cats and the dog come in all the time (they're never out of the picture during the night either )
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So interesting, again: you are fascinating folk - as cats themself are !

Dear Blue! I think you smoke too much... I had once the same kind of morning as you: my first and "best" thought was - a cigarette... but nowadays I'm happy when having only my cat who is in my mind all day long and it makes me to feel soooooooo fine and lucky!

My cat wants every morning at 4-5 am to go out of doors and such away I have many awakenings in one day/night/morning...But I don't mind, because it's always so nice to go back to the bed and have some dreams... you know?

With big hug and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs from your new friend:
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smoke too much indeed!

well, i have conquered a lot of addictions and bad habits
already, i am not about to give up my cigarettes & coffee

some day in the near future, but not today

i never realized how many of us smoke! wow!
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i'm sorry to hear about your neck injury, i know what it's
like to be slightly incapacitated.

your day sounds just delightful to me

i love waking up at that hour (provided i have a lot of sleep)

just spending time with my cats, and the quiet of the house.

i cant wait for motherhood, i've always known i wanted
children, one day... definitley not at 20 though.

if we lived closer i would come over and share a cup of
coffee & a cigarette with you! as long as it's not decaf,
like Anne's!! (sorry Anne, i drink coffee, not only for the
taste, but the caffiene as well!)

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I love reading these!

Well, since I work into the night, my day doesn't start til' noon. But, usually, at 8-9am Socrates will stand on my chest and tickle my face with little kitty kisses or Tiger will do it to my arms if they're on the top of the covers.

Regardless of whether they wake me or I getr up on my own, Socrates immediately races for the kitchen and sits patiently by the bowls. But Tiger criss crosses my feet as I make my way to the bathroom, use it, brush my teeth, etc. Tiger will rub and purr and stay with me til' I lean down and give him his "good morning' pet.

Now, if my speed from the bathroom to the kitchen isn't to Socrates's liking, he'll come to the bathroom where I'm still trying to wake up and take car of the morning bathroom rituals and then I have to pet both of them as I go about my business.

Then, I finally stumble to the kitchen and give them food, pour me a drink of tea or soda and then I have a morning cigarette.

If it is one of those mornings they wake me, I still do the bathroom thing (including brushing my teeth, because I can't go back to sleep with that morning mouth-YUCK), then feed them, then I go back to bed. And when I do awake 4 more hours later at about noon, both of the babies are on their backs next to me taking up 3/4 of the bed sleeping.

I just love it. Well, except those early morning wake ups. LOL.
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I can't imagine what it must be like to smoke first thing in the morning. I've never smoked in my life - seems like a bitter taste by the smell.

I guess I'm a geek I don't smoke, I don't drink alcholol and I don't even drink realy coffee... I do play cards though

I used to drink alchohol (very moderately - maybe once every few months - we don't drink much over here) and coffee, but it's not too good with prozac so I stopped. I'm trying to give my brain a good tox-free environment.

Blue, you're still welcome to drop by for coffee - we keep the regular kind too you know
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i dont drink, either Anne, and i hate that i smoke! though,
to a smoker, it isnt a bitter taste, it's a very welcomed
taste - odd as that may be!

i'd like to quit, when the time is right
(i know most smokers say this, but, i really dont want to
be smoking still, 10 years down the road)

i come from a family that loves to play games,
especially card games, so i love cards!
next time i'm in Isreal i'll stop by for a game of cards,
and some coffee - regular, indeed!
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Morning routines over here are very simple... sludge myself over the side of bed in the mornings... fumble around (half asleep) making coffee. While the coffee is brewing, try not to drown myself in the shower, while mouth is hanging open. Get one eye to stay open long enough to pour a cup of coffee and then sit for about a half hour in a daze, listening to the morning news... drinking coffee until the caffeine hits the system and the other eye finally opens.
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It's different everyday, because some days my boyfriend has to get up first, and some days I'm up first.

Usually I turn off the alarm & head directly for the shower. Then I watch the news while getting dressed & making myself presentable.

by then the kitties have started running around the room, playing with thier toys, wanting to be petted.

After I'm all ready I go down stairs, give the girls thier wet cat food, maybe put a load of laundry in & it's off to work I go.

Once I'm at work I may have breakfast (like a breakfast bar) but not always. I try not to drink coffee as I am a naturally hyper person, when I drink coffee I'm like the tazmanian devil on speed. It's not a pretty sight. there's no sense in decaf, because without the caffiene, what's the point?

I've only had my kitties running around the house for the last 3 weeks, as of now they don't wake me wanting food, not even on the weekends when they get fed later. am I just lucky, or can I expect that to change?
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Well I too want to stop smoking but right now I cant! I am home all the time and alone most of the time! Right now, due to pain, I feel the only thing I can do is sit around and smoke. The only time I am not home it when I am with my son at ball practice or games. Occasionally I run to town to go to Walmart or buy food! I cant drive long so I guess I am a home body! My coffee is with caffine! Got to have it! I do not drink so my only real bad is smoking!
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Okay, so it's not bad at all now that I'm retired.

10:00 a.m. — Rise and shine, after hitting the sack around 3:00 a.m. This is done with the help of cat Michaela, who at that time every morning gives me little paw-touch wake-up encouragements.

10:05 a.m. — Fill and light pipe. (We're talking tobacco here!)

10:10 a.m. — Put cup of coffee, left over from previous "day," in microwave oven.

10:15 a.m. — Turn on Samantha (computer system). See if she's up to working. If so, check electronic mail whilst smoking pipe and drinking coffee. If not, play around with her until she feels motivated enough to allow me onto the inter-net. Work with Samantha until noon.


P.S.: Samantha, 3-year-old daughter of dear friend Kristin, was with us when I purchased this present computer system. Hence, the name "Samantha."

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Mornings are definitely the best time of the day! I wake up at about 6.20 and the first thing is feeding Eric, who has lost his patience by then. Then i grope for the coffee. I sit down and spend the best ten minutes of my day. Eric, already full, sits on my lap and purrs loudly while i drink my coffee and have my breakfast. i might smoke or i might not it depends on my mood. I used to be a chain smoker almost but i've managed to cut down on cigarettes. Makes me proud in a way but i'd be much prouder if i could actually quit smoking. I have these ten minutes entirely to myself and Eric, my lovely baby, of course. Then it's time for more boring things such as cleaning litter box, taking showers, waking boyfriend, making beds, getting ready for work (ugh that might stink sometimes) and off i go. i translate for a reuters database and sometimes i have sooo much work it's almost incredible. Hey and what about evenings - don't you people have evening routines or is it petting teh cat for most of you (that's mine at least after i'm through with all chores, eating and things and i sit down and pretend to be watching teh telly ). I read during almost all of my spare time and evenings are also dedicated to play and grooming. OK what about your evening routines?
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My day starts at 6:30 with twin alarms - radio and buzzer - I'm definitely not a morning person. I'm amazed I've kept jobs all these years, but I always manage to get there on time.

For the past 2 mornings, Simba has crawled under the covers to have a little morning snooze with me - this is all new and he has only done it when the alarm goes off.

I have my shower the night before, prepare my clothes (iron if necessary and match everything up), get my jewellery ready, shoes, etc.

I wash my hair (do not dry it as it is short), get dressed, put on makeup and am ready to leave the house for work by 7:00 a.m. My husband and I travel to work together in one car - we drop him off first and I continue for another 10 minutes to my job. I pick him up on the way home. We work about 40 minutes from our respective jobs.

On the weekends, I sleep in, get up and get the coffee and cigarettes - yes, I smoke also - and read the Saturday and Sunday paper completely, and then do the crossword puzzles. Simba jumps up on the table (I know, naughty, naughty! )and lays over my left arm and against my chest and settles in for a nap and purrs like mad while I do my puzzle. He only does this on the weekend when I do the crossword - he never gets on the table any other time - go figure!

Then, before you know it - it is Monday morning again!
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Hello everyone!

My name is Lauren and I am new here! I have a baby kitten named Toes (because she has 6 toes on her front paws). She is my baby. I never had any maternal instincts until I got her. I find these forums to be so interesting and educational! (If my boss only knew how much time I spend on here ;-) Anyway this is my morning routine:

I wake up at 5am to the sound of Toes running on my bed, jumping on my head,& crunching on food.
I try desperatly to go back to bed. My alarm clock goes off at 6:16 and I need to remind myself to roll over before I open my eyes, this is why: I can feel Toes purring and her whiskers very close to my face. I can tell that she is scoping out my barely moving eyelashes. She will and she has attacked my eyelashes as soon as I've opened my eyes in the morning. It is still cute though. Then I shower while she plays in my bathroom. Then I clean out her food and water bowls and clean her litter box. Then I throw her in my roommates room before I leave for work because she is just so great to wake up to and he loves her too.
As for having a cigarette... I quit 42 hours ago. This is the longest I have gone in years without a smoke and I am very proud of myself. Just don't rub it in my face too much guys!
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I am DEFINATELY NOT a morning person!! In college, my idea of "morning" was 12 o'clock NOON!! NOw that I have a 8-5 job I have to get up and make use of the day.

630 - husband's alarm goes off
645 - alarm goes off again, husband wakes up, I take over the rest of the bed
700 - husband leaves for work, comes and kisses me and hugs me and says he'll drive careful on his work commute
710 - Chloe jumps on my stomach and meows to be pet
720 - drag my butt out of bed, feed Chloe, open front door to screen so she can perch on her cat post and watch birds
725 - take a shower
740-815 get dressed, do makeup, eat breakfast, make lunch
830 - work *blah*
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Well lets see... I wake up normally around 7am. First thing I do is turn the computer on which is right by the bed. They while it is starting up I make the bed. Then I go to the bathroom. Then I go put the coffee on and wash whatever dishes are laying around. About this time is when Kiki wakes up and wants her morning catfood. Then I start the laundry. After all that is done the coffee is ready so I get it and a cigerette and go back to the computer! And here I sit at least until the coffee pot is empty. :smile After that I have no special routine as I dont work and can do the housework whenever I feel like it. Lots of mornings I spend "talking" online to my two best friends or to my family. My computer stays online all day if I am at home and I spend time working on my webpages or answering emails about the homes & historicl sites that I feature on these pages. Should be in the tourist business and get paid for all this. :laughing Oh well it is fun!

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Lacret, congrats on the quitting smoking! I need to do the same! I also wanted to welcome you into TheCatSite family (well atleast that is how I feel about this lovely diversed groop)!
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Up at 5:00 a.m. to make hubby breakfast, and pack him a lunch. He sits at the table while I am in the kitchen and we talk about stuff.... He is out the door at 6:00- work is about 15 minutes from here.

6:30 Kitty call- all the cats come running and it is feeding time. Feed inside first, then outside at the feral stations working my way to the shop. Horses are alerted by this time and standing impatiently by waiting for *their* turn. On the way to the shop and tack room, I stop and say good morning to the wild critters. We have cages all along the outside wall of the shop and the critters have room to run, grow and play. It's applesauce and baby food and cookies for the coons, fresh water and hosing down the enclosure. The skunk cage is higher up and it is empty right now. By this time the horses are calling me.......

Horses are grained, and while they are eating I go into the shop and feed the wild cats there. Once the horses are done, their pans are removed, they are lightly brushed, fly-sprayed, fly masks are put on them and they are let out into the pasture. Then it is mucking out of stalls, I don't keep a time sheet, I just do what has to be done. The stalls are roomy so it takes me about an hour to do both of them bring in new shavings, fill water tanks, and dispose of manure. I generally get back in the house about 9:00 where it is MY time and it is shower and coffee, and breakfast and winding down time with my cats.Then it is time to get on with my life which is my art, and my writing and the chores needed to do around here. Right now my biggest job is to get rid of about a 1/4 acre of wild blackberry bushes near the creek... Today, I am housebound with a flu of all things, so all the outside animals haven't been dealt with...yet..... But they will hopefully soon....
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Thanks Ash! I actually already cheated (I feel so guilty). It was a moment of weakness at happy hour last night. But I'm back on the wagon. ;-Þ
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Well I know it is hard! I did stop for 1 year then there was a family crisis and I was a wreck! I bummed one (dont know why) and to this day I have not stopped! I need to so bad! I will soon! Try and stay on the wagon! Best of luck!
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