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bump on his ear

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My kitty fuzzy has a weird bump on his ear. He is acting normal. As normal as he could be after our move this weekend.

It almost looked like a tick when I first saw it today. I hadnt noticed it until today. It is just a hard bump under the skin on his ear.

What the world could it be? A stress reaction?
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He may need to be seen by his doctor, don't you think?
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I think that he is my baby and I love him very much and I know some cats "break out" in bumps when they are stressed. I was simply trying to see if someone else ever had a similar problem.
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I agree that a hard bump should be looked at by a vet. If it were soft, it would more likely be from an injury or a pimple or something. Hard is something that ought to be checked out... I doubt stress would cause hard bumps on the ears. Cats' ears can be more susceptible to sun damage and lesions.

I would wait a few days to see if it goes away on its own. If it doesn't, it's time for the vet.
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Hmmmmmmmmmm--well, I don't recall anycat ever having a bump on his or her ear. Hope someone on TCS can share with you on that, though! and hope your ADORABLE little Fuzzy is soon smooth-eared!
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It could be a cyst, but since it's new, I would have it checked out (especially since you thought it looked like a tick).
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it feels not as hard as I thought originally but I think I will take him soon if it doesnt go away in the next few days. I loves him
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