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Which is best?

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As some of you know I am adopting a deaf kitten tomorrow, and I called the vet to ask about the costs for spay/neuter for it, and she gave me 2 options - traditional which is $65 and laser which is $100.
This is the first time I have heard of the laser procedure and I would like to know if anyone knows about it and which is better to go for?

Hope someone can help me!
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Haven't heard of this one. Hope someone can fill me in also. My guess would be a less invasive procedure for the cat, and a less invasive scar afterward.
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This is what it says about laser surgery:

Laser surgery is a newer option to the traditional surgery that is currently offered. Below are some reasons why laser surgery is good for your pet and what types of procedures are done with laser surgery.

Laser surgery offers les pain, less bleeding, and less swelling the traditional form of surgery.

Less pain - seals nerve endings as it moves through tissue.

Less bleeding - seals small blood vessels during surgery.

Less swelling - doesn't crush, tear or bruise because a beam of intense light contracts the tissue.

It includes neutering, declawing and anal sac surgery
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Nakita had laser surgery. The animal hospital I went to does most of its surgeries by laser these days.It's exactly how you described it - less invasive, smaller opening, less pain and swelling.

Putting aside Nakita's reaction to the choice of drug, the actual incision was amazingly small and it looked 'healed' when I brought her home. The doctor was going to give me pain medication 'just in case' but he decided not to because of how she reacted with the anaesthetic. So he told me to monitor her and report back to him is need be. Nakita didn't show any problems with pain, so I was happy with that. And she ate as soon as she came home and never missed a meal.

I would say it's worth it if you can afford it. It's a more precise surgery and less chance of problems post surgery.
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Cooper had the laser surgery on Dec 26th... today is 8 days later....She is perfectly fine just like nothing happend (minus the bald spot on her belly)

Vet even let her take off her hood yesterday!
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Hey Vikki~ I think the same can be said regarding people too! :laughing:

The laser surgery sounds like a great advancement. The only thing that bothers me is that it may make declawing 'less invasive'. We work hard enough to educate folks against it, and now it becomes easier?
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Thats what riled me up when I read about the declawing being "easier"...
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