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I really wish Stoli wasn't so anxious....

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I'm about in tears here. I was taking photos on the table today. I set my camera down next to some sculptures and stoli was sitting on the table. I walked two steps away to do something and something FREAKED him out and he did his insane 'gotta go this way, gotta go that way, gotta get outta here now' run. Which brought down a sculpture (broke it) and my camera (broke it). I'm so upset right now. I read online that I can just about forget any repairs being anywhere UNDER $100. The part that is broken is battery cover.
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But a battery cover shouldn't be hard to fix. Buy some duct tape and tape the cover back on.
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Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Renovia, I'm soooo sorry! It's so frustrating when our fur kids misbehave like that.
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now i have to figure out how to get my camera to hold through until christmas it's a pretty nice camera too........
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Awww I'm so sorry that your stuff got broken and Stoli got so freaked out I hate when Lily gets so worried over the littlest things, breaks my heart, so I can certainly relate.

You just want to look into their eyes and let them know that everything REALLY IS ok

I hope your camera is at least usable still.
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yeah, it's 'kinda' usable. He's just so scared tonight. I don't know why. I just breathed loud (not on purpose) and he looked at me and got all puffy. He was flying around the house at full tilt and broke a thermometer......

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Awwww poor boy Can you give him some food, or play with him, or do something like that which he enjoys to try and show him that everything is normal?
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I used this when I drove half way across the country with my cat, who hated being in the car. Just put a few drops in her water before we started out and some in it each day. It can also just be put behind their ears. I learned about it on a website called Ramblin Cats. It worked a treat. I was expecting to be suicidal by the time we got to our destination, she usually wails non stop in the car, but she was calm the whole time, got out on her leash at picnic/rest areas and had a stroll. I'm certain she didn't enjoy the trip but she wasn't scared or upset. Might be worth a try anyway. All the best, Jeanette
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you know, I may have to get this - where can I get it in chain stores?

p.s. he's bathing now.....
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Noodles is jumpy like that sometimes. I've just looked over at her before and she's gotten all poffed up!
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Nikita really hates some electric noises, the door bell going off or phones ringing absolutely petrifies her. The feliway I'm running seems to have helped though. She still runs away but it's not quite at the same level of "mustgetoutmustgetout".

If you can afford it I'd try getting a feliway diffuser. If it doesn't help atleast you've tried that then.
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