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Lots of Pictures!

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They will be 5 weeks old tomorrow, and are trying to take over my house! Don't mind the kitty litter sprinkled all over the floor, you know how babies like to track it around .




Sadie & Puffin:


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thaey are too cute
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They are cute - that's the same cage I used when breeding my cats. Anyone who deals with kittens should have one IMO. It well worth the price. Also good for isolating adult cats to take stool samples or when a new cat comes in - you have room to move around and still has the advantage of safety when introducing the cat to new cats
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OMG where is the Cuteness Warning?

I love that age and just look at those sweeties begging to be picked up.
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Yes, the cage came in very handy! I already had it from when my papillon, Comet, was a puppy and we were house training him. I almost got rid of it a few months back, and I am SO glad I did not.
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They are so cute
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Awww, sooo cute!!
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Oh my they are sooo adorable! Panda makes me want to smuggle him in so my boyfriend can't say no to a second cat!! haha
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They're adorable.
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The little white one with a gray tail looks like my sophie!!!

Soooo cute!!!
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How adorable they all are! Thanks for sharing! =)
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