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This will make your blood boil - Defending Vick

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Title is, "I hate Dog Owners" This guy is defending Michael Vick

here is his email address.
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He isn't defending Michael Vick. He is offering his own opinion and probably chose a controversial subject to get people reading it.

He's just saying that as the nation has been obsessed with this story for a while now, other atrocities are occuring that nobody is paying any attention to, and offering past examples of the same.

I'm not defending him, as I obviously don't share the same opinion, but pointing this dude out is just proving his point right in this subject.
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I probably only hate about half the dog owners around here. Yes...they would be the ones who chain (or fence) their dogs and allow them to bark all night long. They don't have licenses, or do they have their animals vaccinated. Having them neutered is out of the question, and of course they run loose in the back of every other pickup going down the road. With any luck, puppy won't fall out and go splat on the road in front of you!

Sure, there's quite a bit in this article that is objectionable, but, trust me, there's those wonderful people out there who have irritated someone like this author to the point of feeling this way.
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I can understand his point about how a lot of people care so much about dogs and so little about other human beings. Unfortunately, that does happen.

However, I think he is misguided in seeing it as too much compassion for dogs. Clearly, people don't need to stop caring about animals in order to care about people. That's just a really stupid idea.
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I don't see why we should choose between standing up against abusing women and abusing dogs. I'll never understand the need to compare. We should be outraged by both.

Joel Stien admittedly is apathetic toward dogs and all animals who aren't "delicious." Of course he can't be expected to understand love between species. It's unfortunate that he feels the need to berate those of us who do.

His rediculous little opinion has been noted.
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Empathy is a lot like love: you cannot give or have too much. This guy just seems like he wants to be noticed so is spouting off something controversial.
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I think you are probably right Bonnie.
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He does make a good point. People are so up in arms over these dogs but they are no where near this crazy when it comes to athletes beating women or other men. Yes make a big deal over dogs, but make a BIGGER deal over these guys who beat women. Hopefully the NFL NBA and other sports organizations will take on harsher sentence (for a lack of a better word) for this type of player misconduct in the future.
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Absolutely we should not make a bigger deal about other issues. This is cruelty on a massive, grand scale, spanning states and involving hundreds of helpless animals - and the breeding and raising of dogs that will live a life of pure misery and torture. For goodness' sake - a `rape stand' was found at his house, which is used to hold aggressive dogs for mating. What life did these animals have? What hope?

This was systematic, planned, organised and syndicated abuse, torture, gambling, murder and violence. I don't see that the fact that dogs are the victims makes it any less serious. This man and his friends have been found to enjoy and take pleasure out of causing pain and suffering, and deliberately killed many of these dogs in the most brutal and violent and painful way possible.

I'm sorry, but yes, that does beat someone who beats up his wife. Because it was on such a huge scale, and showed such profound lack of compassion, that it eclipses more common forms of violence and makes me wonder who he will take his violent urges out on now that his dogs are gone
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Except that domestic abuse, various gang-type crimes, even rape are somehow 'acceptable' for athletes. Even college ones... don't get me started on that. I mean, convicted rapists still get drafted.

In some ways, the culture of the pro athletes and turning a blind eye to these widespread crimes IS worse than Vick getting busted and turning into a pariah. His crimes are horrible yes, but they're actually being treated as such.

I see this guy's point, personally.
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Sarah, I totally agree.

Women that have been brutalized do have resources. I am certainly not trying to make light over women being beaten, raped and killed. I think the sentences that judges give for the above crimes and crimes against children are immoral and a travesty of justice.

But these poor dogs have no one fighting for them. This has been going on for 7 years and it is still going on all over this country. The torture of these animals added another horrendous dimension to the entire situation.
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