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Vicious, random biting; upsetting owner.

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Hello, again, all. I'm still fairly new to this forum, and since you guys helped me with my very young stray/orphan kitten, I figured I would bring yet another problem to you, in hopes of getting some answers for my friend.

You see, my friend owns a two year old female (spayed) Siamese cat named Lily. My friend shows Lily almost at least once a month, but we haven't been able to get to a show for the last couple of months. Lily really doesn't much care for the shows, but she's a mere 7 or 8 points away from Grand Premiereship, so my friend wants to show her until she Grands, and perhaps one more show after that.

It seems the only thing standing in Lily's way is her now-apparent frightening tendancy to bite randomly. Now, we have -always- known that Lily doesn't much like to be pet, so we aviod, for the most part, petting her excessively. I learned my lesson the hard way; at a show a few months ago, I reached into her show cage while she was resting and proceeded to pet her, not fully knowing to what extent how much she disliked being petted. She ripped into my hand with not her nicely trimmed claws, but her very SHARP teeth.

My hand came away with a very large slice in the index finger, and a deep-ish puncture wound near the inside base of the same finger. The puncture wound later began the beginning of an abcess, and being a veterinary technician, I was very worried. Thankfully, the abcess never fully formed (I'm not sure what quite happened...), and my hand healed almost perfectly (with the exception of a scar that hurt for a few extra weeks).

We thought then, "oh, I shouldn't have messed with her, duuuuh." But this tendancy to bite is becoming more apparent, and now my friend has let me know (just this very afternoon, in fact) that Lily has attacked the new kitten in their now two -cat house. Just a couple of days ago, I watched Lily and the new kitten (Tanzie, a 10 week old female Siamese) romp around the house, playing. Lily has liked that kitten since the day they met, so why would she attack her now?

And yesterday, Lily was sitting peacefully in my friend's lap, and when my friend went to move Lily's foot, Lily attacked, leaving bloody tears in my friend's arm, which I saw this morning at school.

Some backround: Lily was born in Hawaii; her dam was a female Siamese named Kanani (not sure on spelling, but that's how it sounds), who had to be put down early in life, due to her very dangerous temperment. Lily's father, Prince Kuhio, is also a very dangerous cat, from the stories my friend has told me about him. Nearly eveyone who has had the displeasure of working and/or caring for him is frightened of his, at least to some degree; all except the owner of the breeding facility, whom he works just fine with.

So, my question to you good people is: What can we do to help Lily? My friend desperately wants to get back the sweet kitten she had, or at least a cat who doesn't bite viciously, at random times. She's a wonderful cat, and we really want to help her.

Thanks to any who read and/or can give any advise.
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Have you seen this thread?
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Well, we've been offered similar suggestions, but as we we have little to no money, nothing costing much money is available to us right now.

Her attacks are generally not forewarned. Like the instance where my friend moved Lily's foot, my friend had NO idea Lily was going to bite. Now, she -used- to give good warning, like when she bit me, but she doesn't seem to show signs anymore; she just bites in response.

But thank you for that link; I had seen part of it, and had decided it wasn't going to help us much, if we don't see her warning signs, especially when she immediatly attacks.
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IMO whether she's 1 point from Grand or 50 points from Grand if she is biting in the shows you do NOT want to continue to show her! The cat and the owner will get a bad reputation and news travels very fast in the cat ring circle!

I'd give her a long break. Some of my females hated showing as a championship cat, but kinda improved after being spayed and taking back in the ring a year or so later.

And if the cat bites the judge it will get banned from further showing (I think 2-3 times if its bitten any judge).

If the parents had nasty reps, then more then likely its been inherited. Or she could have something medically wrong. Maybe have a complete physical done on her to rule out any problems. I know one HHP that got really bad in the ring. Thru a physical it was found she had early stages of arthritis in her spine which made her not want to be handled by people. Medication and aspirin (carefully administered) helped her a lot - after several years out of the show ring, she was taken back in at 10 yrs old and did wonderfully again. She died when she was 18/19 but she got the arthritis around 6/7 yrs old !
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I agree; I'll try to persuade her not to show her if she's not any better by next month, which is when she's scheduled for her next show.

Long break...this is the longest break she's had so far. =/ Before, like I said, we'd been taking her to a show once or even twice a month, and for the last...two months, she's been just a housecat. She was never this constantly-aggressive until this month.


Well, since we go to a vet tech school, I'm sure we can get someone to look at her, even though we haven't found anything...

If this -is- inherited, what can we do to fix it? Also, why did it crop up -now-?

Thanks, guys. I really appreciate any suggestions.
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Now I know she's spayed, but it sounds SO much like my cat when she was having pain due to ovarian cysts. She would just turn and bite if you touched her wrong, and we had no idea it was due to that. I'm thinking there is a good possibility that there's something hurting her.

I was thinking along the lines of her not liking the kitten, but they got along from the beginning, so I really think this is not as much behavioral as physical.

That said, you could also try rescue remedy or feliway calming spray. Sometimes aggression can be helped by giving the cat antidepressants as well. But the vet would need to prescribe those.
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Who knows why some things are inherited, but both parents are aggressive from what you've said (probably should have NEVER been bred). Nothing you can do - she is spayed so that's probably the best thing.

And it could have been the parents too didn't show aggression till a few years later.
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I'll try and talk my friend into getting her seen by someone. I'm not sure she'll go for anti-depressants, though....

We actually looked at that Feliway stuff today, and I'll tell her that you recommended it.

As far as I know, Kuhio has always been the devil-cat that he is today, and I believe my friend said that Kanani was a fearful lil thing as a kitten. Nice, but fearful, then turned aggressive.
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I'd like to be able to see the pedigrees on these cats. Sometimes too much inbreeding in the lines can cause problems.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I'd like to be able to see the pedigrees on these cats. Sometimes too much inbreeding in the lines can cause problems.
I think I can get the last....couple of generations for you, but I'm not sure, and if I can, I think that's ALL I could get....

Let me get back to you on that?
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Sure I like looking at pedigrees
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