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Advice Needed

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Regarding the nine kittens/mom cat:

New dilemma/question:

My partner has the kittens/mom cat at her house in PA. Once school starts, she is in New York City at least 3 days a week, often more than that (and stays w/me in my apartment). All summer she's been wanting to keep Katie and 2 of the kittens. Now she's having second thoughts because of not being home much in the future.

SO - she wanted me to post this and get your opinion. Is she being selfish by wanting the cats even though she's not going to be home much, or will they be ok? She'd have to have someone come over to empty the litter box, and she's also worried about the kittens scratching everything (there's a lot of wood in the house).

Lots of emotions involved here! Help! Thanks!
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I wouldn't say it's abuse or anything. My uncle has 2 cats and is only home like 2 days a week and his cats are fine. I think it's more about quality than quantity. How would she treat the cats when she is at home? Would she give them the attention they needed when she was home? I think they would be fine with her being gone 3 days a week but I'm not a kitten/cat expert. As long as their getting feed, their litter cleaned, and someone can give them attention (a friend or family member) while she's gone I think it would be ok.

Would the person caring for them giving them any attention when they came over, or just do what needed to be done and leave?
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Thank you so much for your reply. For sure, whoever would come over would give them love and attention, but probably only for an hour or so every other day.

I'd love to hear from MORE PEOPLE! THANKS!!!!
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i know my mother in law used to leave her cat from the friday till the sunday every weekend while they went to the caravan as he hated car trips, me and my DH would go every day feed ,water and change the litter and also give him love. and he was always fine, the only thing he would do is knock some of the stuff of the shelves (but never did though the week) and his a happy cat.
where there will be more then one cat it will work out a lot better as they will also have each other for company, as long as there still cared for and not neglated then i dont see a problem with it.
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