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I admit it, I hoard!

I checked my CD collection, mainly from PC magazines and found I had over 400 CDs! All full of demos of games and applications. It's a shame you can't format them for reuse.

I have heard however there are charities that want old CDs to melt down and sell, or something like that. So I'll have a dig round for some information.

And where there are CDs from magazines there are the magazines too (obviously). Better get those sent to the recycling place
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You sound like my mother. SHe keeps everything that comes her way. It drives my father crazy, actually the garage is the only place on my parents property that isnt cluttered.
I have sent my mother Flylady's website to hopefully get her to de clutter!

Ideas for recycling your CDs....

Reuse. In addition to the obvious reburning of re-writable CDs and DVDs, you can reuse CDs and DVDs for a variety of craft projects. They are very easy to cut into any shape with ordinary household scissors and can be decorated with a variety of markers and paints. Here are some simple ideas:

* Drink coasters -- Buy a small piece of corkboard from a craft store, cut four 1 x 1 inch squares and glue them to the printed side of the CD. Leave the shiny side up as your coaster. You can also use the pre-gummed felt circle table protectors instead of the cork.

* Candle holder -- Place the CD under large pillar candles to catch the wax.

* Disco ball -- Cut up a CD into 1/2 inch squares and glue them to the outside of a ball. Hang the ball from the ceiling and shine lights on it.

* Bird chasers -- Hang CDs in your garden. The shiny surface moving in the breeze will scare away birds.

* Reflectors -- Use as reflectors on fenceposts, bicycles, driveways, or anywhere you want to call attention to something in the dark.

* Garden Row Markers -- Write the name of the vegetable with a permanent marker on the CD-ROM. Cut the edges of each into a flower shape if you want. Glue or tack the CD-ROM to a stick and put in the ground to mark your garden rows.

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I can also vouch for the painted coaster idea. I do this myself and sell them at craft fairs. Here's a pick of some of my favorites.
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I'm having a really hard time posting the others, I guess too much detail. Oh well, you get the idea.
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Hey some cool ideas there, thanx. The coaster idea seems a good one, I could make them and give them to charity so they can sell them.

THanx again for the ideas
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charity? please tell me what charity would accept these? I have many extra I would like to give away but friends and family aren't interested, they already have too many!
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I reckon any charity shop would love to sell them. they look great. Ask around a few shops and see what they say, tell them you want no commision and I bet they may take a few on to see how they sell
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Try the animal society? Any charity will accept anything as long as it is in good condition!
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Just make a bunch of coasters and have a BIG party, BuNN!
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Just make a bunch of coasters and have a BIG party, BuNN!

If you do have a big party with your new coasters, I hope we're all invited!
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Yes, I want to be invited too! I need a party!
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Yes lets have a party, you'll have to make your own way here mind.

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We will just have to use Jim the Dragon if it is okay with Thirtysilver!
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