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I just want to go home

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I've had a couple of days now where I've been in a bad mood. Well today I'm bored with my job, I'm crabby and I just want to go home. When I get home, I'm going to change into sweats, lay down on the couch & hopefully find a kitty to cuddle with. I just had to say I want to go home right now!!!! (only 40 more mins, but it's going so slow.)
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I know the feeling. It was my first day back today after being on holiday for 2 weeks and i really didn't want to be there

It was really busy and the day went quick, but all i wanted to do was to get home to the kids.

Not long now for you
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Oh, not too much longer!

I know the feeling though! I worked this whole weekend and I was sick. I couldn't call in though because my boss's went to Las Vegas for the weekend. Well, today I called into work sick because they are back. I still am not feeling completely well.

When you get off work you can always fix yourself a drink and relax with the kitty's, that's what I like to do. It's actually my favorite thing to do on the weekends! Sometimes PHX likes to take a drink out of my glass, so I guess he likes margaritas too! LOL, Bad Kitty!
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Lol. You sound like me every single day I'm at work.
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u can do it rang!


im going to have to find a job real quick now to keep food on the tabel for me and my little kitty pussy babies. i think mom will help me for a while but not 4ever. But im sure u can do it and i can 2 -- we wil make it.

stay hopefull.

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Oh, that last hour at work is the worst! I try to make deals with myself and not look at the clock when I really, really want to! It's hard since I'm chained to a computer, but I still try. If I look every time I want to, only 2-3 minutes have passed.

I'm guessing by the time you read this, you are already home, in sweats with a purring kitty sitting on your lap!
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