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D-R-A-M-A queen!

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My Maggie is a DRAMA queen. I've noticed she seems to be more & more dramatic with each passing day. I'm wondering if this is just her personality, or if there is something about the way that I react to her that has created this. She has acne on her chin & every time I try to clean her chin off she cries like I'm killing her. Then this morning while she was waiting for breakfast she floped herself down on the floor & sighed so loud I actually heard it across the room. Anyone else with a drama queen?
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Lucky is my drama queen...such a diva. She hollers if she's not the center of attention, she gives these huge sighs and flops over if she doesn't get her way...and if all of that still doesn't work...she'll then go over and bonk Rambo on the head. Pretty amazing for the kitten found in a ditch!
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Oh yes the old sigh & flop because we can't get our way. I'm very farmilar with that one. Also, if I'm on the phone & she wants my attention she'll grab my hand & nip it. She also does this if I walk past her when she's ready for dinner.
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Cassy is a drama queen. I was one hour late in feeding her and she decided to get my attention by biting my dd's leg. Another time, I was late in the feeding schedule, she scared my other dd to death by jumping out in front of her when she least expected it.

I knew I was late with her feeding, I figured she could wait, she doesn't look like she is starving. So, she waited and waited, then she decided to do something about it.

Cassy get's this insane look in her eyes when she is waiting for her food, I just have to laugh, she is such a drama queen.
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The other very drama queen thing she does is that she will start a play fight with one of the boys, but as soon as they get the upper hand she screams like they are killing her & will hiss at them. When she was little i would stop them. Now she's big enough to defend herself, but she still acts like they are killing her in the hope that I will rescue her.
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She IS a drama queen, she should be in pictures.

My other cat, Mittens, is not a drama queen but a baby; she sometimes urinates on me while M E O W I N G on the way to the bathtub. Sounds like I am killing her. She is quiet while in the tub and when dry and fluffed up she is so happy.
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Baby Girl!

She's constantly mewing for attention, mewing for food, mewing to be picked up and put down and put out (like I'm gonna put her out... sorry, Baby)... And of course there's the "I'm gonna rip your eyes out!" mew--a threat she doesn't follow through on, ever, even when she's getting her claws clipped. But boy, you'd sure think I was torturing her, and she was threatening to kill me!!
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Maybe you should stop picking at her acne. When I was a teen and my mom picked my acne, I would bite her hand, so I don't imagine that it would be too different a reaction to have for a cat.
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