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Little Boy Guinness!

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Guin and I wanted to show you how settled he is in his new home We both love it here but miss The Cat Site and our friends Things have been very busy for us since November last year.

"Hiding" behind the mint on mums kitchen window sill:

Oh look! Day 1 of brand new chair and I have claimed it as mine!!:

This is the position that Guin sits in when he is not sure what he is going to do next - it looks like he is concentrating!

I hope you liked the pictures

Gilly xx
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He's beautiful! I love his name too!
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Yay! There's little Guinness! He's such a handsome boy.
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gosh he is a beauty!! his black is so rich looking!!
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Gilly where have you been with that gorgeous boy of yours!!

Love that concentrating picture. He looks like Rosie when she's just woke up

Don't stay away too long girl!
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what a georgoues furbaby!!!!!!!!!

i agree that the name rocks, to!!!!!!

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It's nice to see that you an Guinness are doing ok, Gilly!
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AWE! he is a VERY handsome boy!
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Awe what a handsome boy So gorgeous, definetly a heartbreaker huh He is just so darling

Great pics
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Gilly! Great to hear from you and Guinness again! I like how the mint matches his eyes.
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What a doll Guinness is!
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He gets more gorgeous each time. We definitely need to hear more from you and see more pictures of Guinness.
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