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Still no Signs yet

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There is still no sign of Ziggy's labour yet. It's been about 10days since I saw the kittens moving around inside her belly. No sign of the mucas plug yet, or discharge but she keeps licking herself so I might have missed it. No real nesting action yet either.

She just keeps crying to go out all the time, and only uses her litter tray as a last resort, (but at least she uses it.)

She's so small, I hope there aren't any complications, also if 'help' is reding this, how is Cookie doing? Her and Ziggy are similar sizes I think, if not then Zig's might be smaller.

Got some pictures here, hope they come out okay I've only just learnt how to do this. Hope they're not too big.

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Congrats on Ziggys pregnancy!

Our cat Spooky gave birth on August 4th and she didn't give us any signs that the books said she would. Spooky is actually smaller then your cat Ziggy. Spooky didn't lose her appetite & she didn't meow at all. She did have discharge for around a week beforehand. Her water broke & hours later, she had 2 healthy baby kittens and 1 stillborn.

She only had one complication & thank goodness we were there for it. She was giving birth feet first to a stillborn kitten. She just couldn't push it out, she tried & tried. At that point - we had to help her remove it from the birth canal. After that - everything was just fine.

Best Wishes for you & Ziggy! Hope everything goes well with her pregnancy! Keep us updated if she has her babies
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According the vet, aside from having Giardia Cookie is due any day now. She said that she is most likely halting her labor (she has began a couple times) due to stresses, such as my great dane puppy and my taking her back and forth to work with me. She said if I leave her in one room by herself all day then she should have them within a matter of days, so here's to hoping.

She also said that because of Cookie's size it could be dangerous if she doesn't have them soon. The kittens will continue growing inside her for as long as Cookie holds off her labor and may very well be too big for her to deliver pretty soon.
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Ziggy's belly is even bigger now, and the kittens just don't stop moving. Sometimes she breathes really fast, almost like panting, but I guess she's just getting out of breath quicker with all those kitties to lug around.

She keeps waking me up in the night crying to go out. I jump out of bed thinking its time... My partner things I'm stupid... He just doesn't realise how much I love my cat and how much I want to see it.

I'll keep you posted
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Ziggy's nesting!!!

I'm so excited. She has finally shown an interest in her box!! At least now my bed seems safe!!

More Updates Soon
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