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Show Vibes for this Weekend - CFA

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This will be Charlie's first show to actually earn some points towards his Grand Championship (altered), so could use some TCS vibes for a final or two
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Sending vibes your way! Good luck!
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Good luck Mr. Charlie!
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I'm sending out the vibes for you and Charlie.
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Good luck Handsome Charlie
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Sending you and Charlie lots of vibes. He has really grown into a handsome Ocicat and hopefully the judges will see that as well. I hope the show will go well for both of you and please post your photos if you take any. It's a lot of fun seeing cat show photos
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Good luck Charlie
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Go Charlie GO!!!!

This weekend is also Bulan's attempt to be a 2 show grand - vibes for her too!
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Back at you.

This show is 6 rings AB - no speciality - so max points if he gets a final. I'd just be happy with the Best or 2nd Best Premiers
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6 AB no speciality - woo tough one.... for Charlie! I wouldn't worry too much though - IMO he's a 90% cat!

Any idea on the show count - would it be possible for him to one show Grand?
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Sending some winning vibes your way!

Go Charlie GO!!!
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That would be nice, but his brothers/nephew are better. No point count yet but I'll check the Region page and see if they have the point count posted. The official closing date was yesterday - so point count may not be there till Wed/Thurs.

The other Elkhorn show (in May) was a smaller show. MoKan had the biggest count so far, so I'm hoping those people go somewhere else other then Elkhorn! I think its only a 200 max anyway for the one day. I think he's only been seen by one of the judges (they had another 2 sub judges now), so we will see what happens.
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225 max for a one day show and I hope that there's a good Premiership count for you!

My show will be very small - only 4 rings with maybe some 20 champions and 50 total in the class ...but it's good enough for Bulan to grand!
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I'm iffy on the "big/little" count - yes its nice when you have the larger count, but harder to pick out the Best/2nd B Premiers from the group. I want a medium competition - have to see how he really goes with the judges - up till now its only kitten and open, we will see

Personally I'm a lot more comfortable with ACFA finals/judges as I know them a lot better - he's already got 1/2 the finals he needs cause they count from Open up. And he only needs 2 in top 5 AB - ACFA shows will be in October and December and he should do well there (6 total finals).
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Gimme the list of Judges - I can work out who prefers LH over SH!
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Good luck! He's beautiful, so I'm sure he'll do great!

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Norma Placchi
Mary Auth
P. Patton *
B. Pearson *
Bev Wood *
Jeff Janzen

* - has seen him as kitten or open
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Never seen or heard of Norma P, Mary Auth prefers good Persians/Exos over good SH, B pearson may just change his mind over Charlie, Patton and Wood, hmmmm, and from what I hear Janzen will put a great SH over LH.
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First two I don't know at all (a lot of CFA judges that I don't know cause I've been not showing CFA for years). Good to know about the last.

It was either Paul or Brian that made a comment at the May show to Nancy that he liked Charlie but wanted to see more muscle on him - don't remember which one it was at the show, but might be a good sign this time
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Personally, I think Charlie is just perfect as is!
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Oh I do too

But I go with the attitude of less rather then expect more. You are usually happier at the end of the show

And what happens when Jack Sparrow joins the house...who will be perfect then?
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You've been talking about the show this weekend in Elkhorn, right? I saw some different judges on the CFA page:

18(L). NE, ELKHORN: Elkhorn Common Grounds, 1701 Veterans Drive. Midlands Cat Fanciers. 6AB. Judges: Janzen(AB), Swanson Grimm(AB), Placchi(AB), Pearson(AB), Molino(AB), Wood(AB). EF $45 1st, $40 2nd, $25 3rd, $10 4th+, HHP EF $25, CD August 13; entry limit 225. Info: Anne Edwards, PO Box 1187, Rolla, MO 65402. 573-364-6583. Fax 573-341-5254 573-341-5253.

Either way, best of luck to you!! We'll be sending you vibes all weekend long
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Yes the show flyer has some substitutions from the original line up. Sometimes the CFA calendar does not get updated
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Aack, good to know! I plan more with their list than anything else. . . In fact, sometimes I commit myself to driving much more than I want just so I can get a certain jugde. Now I'll always have to double check. Hehe, cat shows have become that much more complicated
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In CFA it doesn't matter who gives points. In ACFA it does! You need a total of 6 different finals under 6 different judges and 2 of them have to be in the Top 5 AB - so you have to watch your judges and know which ones to count/not count.

If one of the AB judges in the Des Moines show in October gives Charlie a Top 5 in the AB ring, I can count that one to substitute her first final to him (as open) of a 10th Best AB
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BTW GK, Wain Harding will be judging my Abys this weekend...EEEEEPPPPP!
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Cool But remember he will be tougher
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