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I'm Back :]

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I haven't been on this site in a while due to massive amounts of work and school related things. Colleges this year :] can't wait. oh and Munchkin and Tai are very much at home at my Job. they have lost all the weight gained. Munchkin [due to her small size due to a major upper resp. infection when she was a kitten] has lost the weight of 14.5 when she came in from being "rescued" from my boyfriend's parent's house. She could barely move and wasn't at all active and looked like her fat was covering most of her legs. anyways, she is down to 10 lbs on the dot :] the perfect weight for her. She is much more active and friendly in the cage, and likes to be touched and held. the only time she hisses is when she is around other cats she doesn't know but that is expected :]

Tai is getting along nicely too. he is taller than Munchkin, and when he came in her was 15 lbs. he isn't a maine coon so i was worried... his body fat was growing too and his herpies outbreaks were frequent. i am still keeping to my rule of airconditioning being the key to keeping those outbreaks at bay. i still give him his terramycin eye "goops" once a week, and mix vitamins into their food regularly during the week. anyways...[i keep going off on tangents, don't mind me] he has dropped to 11.7 pounds. still the glutten, but i love him and he is much more friendly too.

and my boyfriend is getting an apartment this week... and it has been long awaited. idk how people can get by with absolutely no sleep, 2 jobs and a car to take car of... but thats beyond me...

im excited...

hahahaha... if you have kept up with my last bull'ts. you may notice the drama... well... i proved his parents right. we went to visit a few weeks ago to get my boyfriends mail from them and the first this we saw was ... dun dun DUN!!!... ONE BIG FAT CAT bounding down the stairs like a snail... hahahaha... i mean i like proving people right about this kind of stuff but i feel bad for the cats. how can people like fat cats?? it is so unhealthy... its cat obesity... then again... the entire house is obese so im not going to start a riot...

thatnks for listening to my rant...

<3 Kate
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Welcome back!!!
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Welcome back my friend!
I hope you´re fine
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I don't know who you are because I'm new, but welcome back!
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for those who have been following my story/history (im nothing special :]) it was a long bumpy road for me , my two cats Munchkin and Tai, and my Boyfriend who have just recently (recently being 3 months ago) broke free of his parents "reign" over our cats. They currently have 4 cats in their home minus our two. They regarded me as an outsider, and that what i know doesn't matter, and that since the cats were in their house they belonged to them. which i can understand... i'm not just going to disregard that they were living in their house, under their roof, and that they had all grown very attached to them, because lets face it... who wouldn't... cats are amazing animals...

i finally figured a way to show you my cats... they too are nothing special... but i don't think anyone has ever seen them... so here we go...

That is my first cat, my pride and joy, Munchkin. She is 2 years and 1 month old... her baby picture is in the top left corner of the pic... yes thats her baby pic. about 4 months old when that was taken... still the same attitude... just bigger...

and this is Tai. this isn't the best photo but still... He is only a year and 10 months old. he is very curious and lives life basically. he has one of the best tempers i have seen on a cat. he gets along with small kittens and other males. females are a different story... his baby pic is the the top right too... he was 3 months old in this pic. the bottom left is one taken two days ago with another cat...

and this little guy is Velcro... he is 10 months old and was rescued from an abandoned apartment. he is always purring and has alot of love to give. it is quite possible that when my boyfriend gets his apartment this week, i will be taking him home too. he gets along fine with Tai, and is well mannered compared to other unneutered cats i see...

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Originally Posted by megagene View Post
I don't know who you are because I'm new, but welcome back!
that´s the spirit of TCS!!!....

Oh my! great pic´s my friend! so nice!
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why thank you... i just love my cats... some people call me crazy... but you can probably relate... i would go to the ends of the earth for them just like my family and friends... they are my babies :]
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