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Cat hoarse meow, coughing.

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My sister's adult cat, Jerry, has been occasionally coughing (a dry, wheezy kind of cough, just once at a time) and has had a hoarse meow for the past 2 days. When I pick him up, he might give one slight hiccup or cough. When he sleeps, his breathing sounds slightly congested. He is still eating, sleeping, and acting completely normal, though. His ears are warm, eyes and nose are fine. I thought it might just be a stubborn hairball (he gets them often), but now I'm not so sure. I had previously scheduled him for a vet appointment for August 30th...should I wait it out for a bit and see if he gets better, or is this cause for an emergency visit?

I also just got a new kitten a few days ago and he hasn't been vaccinated yet (has an appointment this week). Could the kitten have given Jerry a serious illness or something? I feel horribly guilty that it could be my kitten that's harming Jerry and my sister is already starting to lay blame on me!

I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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My cats have this as well right now. It is sort of like a sore throat where they are swallowing a lot and one of them has a rusty meow, and they are gagging a little bit. Two of them have thrown up liquid but just from the sore throat. And yes they have a single dry cough.

I took the first one with symptoms to the vet who gave him a steroid shot and some mild antibiotics. It is two days later and his voice is back.

Other than the gagging and hoarseness and mild cold symptoms, mine have not lost appetite or anything like that either.

I am also fostering kittens but I'm not sure this came from them. I do believe it is going around. But assuming it is the same thing as what mine has, it is not a big deal illness.

In the case of you having an unvaccinated kitten, indeed you need to take the adult cat to the vet, for the sole reason that the kitten is not vaccinated. Even though it does not sound like your cat's illness is serious, it is very dangerous to put an unvaccinated cat or kitten with your pet and you will want to rule out anything serious. Assuming your cat is vaccinated and up to date with shots, he should be protected from most illnesses.

I don't think this is an emergency but you need a vet visit to rule out anything major and to get the kitten shots. Make sure the vet uses regular shots (modified live virus/MLV) instead of the inhaled viral shots, since the MLV ones give immediate protection.
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I've had my kitty Tigger get this. It's pretty uncomfortable, and antibiotics help. I'd get him into the vet in the next day or so. My vet said it's just kitty laryngitis, but still, it's not very fun.
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I agree about getting him to the vet soon. Spyder had that last year. The vet said he had a sore throat. He got some medicine and was fine in a few days.
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Thanks for the reassurance and advice. I'm worrying a bit less now.
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Yup, it's pretty common, don't wait too long before you take him to the vet. I think the hoarseness is from postnasal drip.
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My Black has had this a couple of times and the vet says it is kitty laryngitis, was given antibiotics and had his voice back within a few days!!
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