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I'm going to miss my cats so much

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I think I'm being silly about this, but I'm really, really going to miss my cats .

I have this great research opportunity abroad, and am leaving today........and won't be back until Oct. 1. My boyfriend will be taking care of the furkids, and I ordered them something from Momofmany's shop ( so that I can spoil them from afar .

My favorite part of the day is coming home after a long day, and giving them a chin scratch, or head rub, and seeing how their day went.

What's the longest anyone has been away from their furkids? This will be the longest for me, about 6 weeks.
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You poor thing!!!!!!!!!

That would be tough,, I couldn't imagine being away from my girls that long..

I know after my surgery,, I was away from my girls for about 2 months,, and it was horrible.. I was always on prescription meds, so I was out of it,, but I do remember how hard it was to not have them near me....

I'd miss them sleepign with me..
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Ouch - 6 weeks?!?!? I left mine for the majority of 3 months when my mom was terminally ill and I was taking care of her, but I did manage to get home about once a month during that time.

Call them nightly and have your BF hold the phone up so that they can hear your voice. They don't always respond to it, but it will help you to talk to them!!

Have a fun and safe trip and learn lots!!
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I´m so sorry if you have to left at your kittys for a time I figured you will be so sad about it!
But the good thing is your boyfriend will take care of them! write to him in a notebook all recomendations about the kittys!
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
for a safe trip and good luck about your project! of course we wish have a good return and soon near at your kittys!
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The longest I've been away from my babies was 2 weeks when I was in the hospital. I missed them so much and I know they both missed me too, especially Abby who is a Meowmy's girl and wouldn't let anyone touch her the entire time.

I hope the time flies by for you so that you can get back home to your kitties. Have your DH take pictures and email them to you
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Oh no, 6 weeks! I was missing my kids badly after 4 days so goodness knows how you must be feeling
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Oh,you are NOT being silly! You love your babies!! I can't even imagine being away from mine that long. I think the longest I've been away from them is 12 hours! I'd go crazy!!
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I hate being away from them at work all day, I can't imagine 6 weeks.
Good luck on your good research opportunity, it sounds like fun. I hope it goes by quickly for you and your babies.
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Oh wow!!! Thats a long time!! Your not being silly, at all!!

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Aww I was gone from my girl for a week and I was crying I missed her so much and had to come home. And then the little brat made me wait all day to see her.
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You are not the only one for sure, I miss my kits so bad when I go on vacation that I fight back tears some time. I always feel better about leaving if BF is going to take care of them. Whoever else watches them usually know that they are going to get a call every day so I can check on them. That is the reason that we do not travel too much, and a lot of time we go separate to visit family so one or the other of us is around to take care of the clan so the other one can enjoy themselves more. Some people think we are strange but that is how much we love out babies!
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Moonlight hates when we go away! When I was staying at my aunt's, I talked to Moonlight on the phone. My mom just put her cell on speaker and had Moonlight listen to my voice. It really helped him, because he had thought I died.
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Oh honey I know what you mean! Just remember that your BF will take good care of them. Does he have a digital camera so he take pictures of their antics and email them to you? It may make you feel better.

Reminds me of a funny story though...My boss at my old job sent my boyfriend and I (we both worked for the same company) on a business Hawaii. For a week. The boss was footing the whole bill. It was the first time I had been away from my cats (5 at that time) for that long, but a woman at work agreed to watch them for me, so I knew they were well taken care of. We were flying on standby and the day we were supposed to leave the flight was full so we had to wait another day.

I was so upset I sat down on the curb at the airport and started crying. My boyfriend is completely confused. He says "honey? Why are you crying? We are in HAWAII...with the corporate CREDIT CARD!! Why are you upset??"

I just looked at him and screamed "I WANT MY KITTIES!!!!" Ok, I do think I was PMSing at the time, but I know how you feel.
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