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Full Breed - Rescue

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Well a miracle happened this weekend. My husband has been wanting to find another dog rottweiler breed since the passing of Polly our rotti girl.. Anyways,, we finally found one at a kill shelter, and we put our name on him, and he had already had an app on him. Supposedly there were gonna see how their dog and this dog got along.. We'll they didn't.. This boy rotti doesn't like other boys,, but he's a ladies man, according to the shelter..

And that was soo true.. LOL.. We took Sheba up there and he did his dominance thing on her, and she let him.. So we took him home to see if it would work, and the funniest thing has happened.. I think Sheba is in love with the boy dog,, Spike. She literally, and I swear this, shaking her butt, alot more and prancing, and just being really girlie like.. We've never seen her like this. She doing the whole submissive bit and everything.. She's in love.. I know it..

So we're gonna adopt the big boy this week.. He's the most gentle giant.. I swear he look like a great dane he's soo big.. But he's full rotti according to the shelter, they got him from a breeder who wanted him back, but they wouldn't give him back, because they wouldn't neuter the poor guy.. He's soo cute!!
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P I C T U R E S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I will i took some last night, but forgot to bring in the camera to download them..
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Find him on www.petfinder.com and post a link!! (please?) I love big dogs!!!
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They only had the other rotti on petfinder.. I can post his link, but he wasn't a full breed... and quite hyper compared to Spike:

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WE NEED pictures!!!!
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Congrats! I find it funny when one dog is totally impressed with another & gets that goofy puppy thing going on!
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