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What do I buy to make signatures

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I see alot printed about photoshop, what is the easiest to use?
I would love to make signatures...any suggestions
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IMO, photoshop is not for beginners and not worth the money if all you are going to use it for is signatures... I love photoshop, but use it a lot so it is worth the cost to me.

For someone just starting out, PaintShop Pro or Photoshop Elements are more cost effective and simpler to use. There are also a few free programs out there, GIMP and Paint.NET come to mind
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photoshop elements is a great one to get started with, i learnt a lot with this programme.
i use mine for photos etc aswell, and my kids love playing around with it.
i have just got cs3 which cost me an arm and a leg but my DH suggested i get the new one , i had cs2, so far i can not see the difference but i only put it in today so i will have to read up a lot on it. but i agree if its only for the sigs then i wouldnt go and spend a hole lot on a programme you can get photoshop elm for around £50.00 sterling.
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You don't need to spend money on a program to make signatures. You can use a free program like "The Gimp" to make a signature banner.


Here is another free graphic program:


And yet another free one:


If you want to buy a program, you might want to consider what your needs and budget are.

Photoshop is about $500.00 and up. In Canada it's about $700.00.

Paintshop Pro can do almost anything that Photoshop can do and it's about $120.00 or something. If you end up getting Paintshop Pro, I have a series of beginner tutorials at my website. If you get PSP and want to do the tutorials, just PM for the link.

But IMHO there is no need to spend money on a graphic program just to make signature banners. A free program will accomplish that and a whole lot more.
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