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I just wanted to let everyone know...

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that the Tot Locks seem to be working. Stoli hasn't gotten into a cabinet yet. And it's hilarious when he tries, because they only open like a 32nd of an inch and there's nothing he can do. He looks all around and is stumped!

DH wants to leave them open sometimes and lock them others to really confuse Stoli....I said no, I want that habit broken!
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I am glad you found something that works. My SIL had to do the same thing with there Flamepoint siamese, he is into everything, I am sure my little siamese will be too I can just tell.

I agree breaking the habit is much better then a good laugh, mind you I might be tempted to do that same
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Back when Abby was 4 months old I discovered that she could open the freezer door on the fridge! The first time I came home and found the freezer door swinging open I thought I had accidently left it open. The next day when I found the freezer open I knew I hadn't left it open! But I didn't know how it ended up open either.

A few days later on one of my days off I was in the living room and heard a thump and swishing and thumping and banging from in the kitchen. I went in and there was Abby hanging off the front of the freezer door bouncing her body off the door with her back legs and swinging her body, LMAO

Apparently she was trying to get in the freezer to get the catnip I had stored in there. She managed to get the door open but couldn't figure out how to get inside the freezer itself!

I had to start taping my freezer shut with packing tape when I went to work or to bed otherwise she would open the door. She eventually figured out that her little trick wasn't working anymore and gave up trying. So you are right, consistency is the key to breaking their little habits, hehe
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i can't believe i had to resort to these tot locks. but i'm glad i found something that works (so far) I've been having this problem for about a year now.
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Congratulations on the solution. Sorry, Stoli! Humans can be stubborn, too.
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Oooh!!! I'm so glad they're working for you! I am not needing them just yet, Dani's probably another month from cruising, but it's good to know these will serve well when the time comes.

If Stoli starts busting thru them, maybe you can add a second latch, one on top and one on bottom of each cabinet. You can buy extra keys separately so you can open both at the same time. But here's hoping that won't be necessary!!!!
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