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Question of the Day - August 13th

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What your favorite thing about summer? Least favorite?
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Favourite : Flowers in full bloom in the garden

Least favourite : Being all hot and bothered
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I love emerging from the cold season being all toasty and not having to rug up every day and not getting flu.

I hate getting hot, i get bad headache in the heat and they run through mum and grandma too (must be the whole England/snow thing lol)
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My favorite thing about summer is: sleeping with a new fresh breeze coming through my window.

my least favorite is all the little bugs out there that love to drive me and the kids crazy with bites, takes the fun out of going outside.
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Fave thing is BBQ's...least fave thing would be the bugs!!
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Favorite things:Long warm summer days, BBQ's and picnics, Amusement parks and roller coaster riding and good storm chasing.

Least favorite:High heat and humidity. I don't like how I feel during the high heat and our bobcats and cougar hate it as well.
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Fav, BBQ's, iced tea, flowers, vegetables in your garden, walks with DH after supper when its cooled down (and taking Keno with us) and camping

Least fav? That's easy - mosquitos and muggy/hot weather with no rain in the forecast!
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Favorite thing about summer - It is almost light when I go to work, and it is still light when I get off. (Leave for work at 6am, get home at 8pm).

Least favorite - The heat and humidity and all of the flies, knats, and mosquitoes.
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Favorite for me is floating around in the pool on a hot sunny day.
Least is when it is so hot for many days with no breaks.
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Favorite: Getting to wear skirts and fun summer dresses
Least Favorite: Humidity in Saint Louis.
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Favorite part about summer is BBQ, lemonade, popsicles, ice cream

Least favorite part is the heat and humidity
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Favourite:.....The fact that I can go at the beach and walk barefoot on the sand! the lovely nights with a delicious wind from the beach and you can use a pool!

Least:... the humity about the rains and wave of heat that usually are around here during the work week!
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Favorite: We have summer casual @ work & it ends at Labor Day. Instead of suits/blouses/trousers, khakis and sandals are allowed.
Least Favorite: hot & humid!
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Favourite: 90+% humidity, being able to wear shorts and a T.

Least favourite: No air con.
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My favorite part of Summer is everything . I love the beach, the sun, the warm weather, BBQ's, no school, Ralph's Italian Ices... I could go on forever!

My least favorite part is how quickly it is over
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Favorite thing is being able to leave the door to our house open so cats can get on porch. Least favorite things, the heat!
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Favorite thing(s):BBQ'sand it stays light out longer!!

Least favorite(s):BUGS!! And the heat!!!
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My favorite thing is the fruits and veggies! My least favorite is the sweltering heat!!!
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Pfft, we're die hards, we BBQ out on the grill year round, even in the snow

I'll miss the bright, happy weather, but I won't miss the heat.
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Favorite- would have to be when I do get a chance to go to the beach or a gorgeous pool and just relax for the day. It's also great just to come home to AC and be so comfortable and sleep in comfort.

Least- the long bright sunny days and the heat/humidity I hate, I love when it starts getting dark earlier. I'm a real summer scrooge at times!
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Most favorite would have to be all the pretty flowers.
Least favorite is definately the high temps and humidity.
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I love the long daylight hours in Summer....

Least favorite are the heat & humidity....
I hate humidty.
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Favorite: Having more time to hang out with friends and family, and swimming.

Least Favorite: When the whether is to hot, and being bored.
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Favorite - being able to wear my flipflops and the extra daylight,

Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Least favorite are the heat & humidity....
I hate humidty.
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Favorites - the gardens, the flowers, the longer days, sitting having a meal down by the water

least favorite - heat, humidity and mosquitos.
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Favorite: the fresh fruit and berries, and fresh veggies from the garden, also the fact that our daughter is home all day during the summer.

Least Favorite: the man who owns the house we live in comes for back several weeks in the summer and futzes around the house and yard, also I don't like that the gardener, painters, and window cleaners are prowling around. At least they aren't here the rest of the year.
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Originally Posted by catsRNmom View Post
Least favorite - and all of the flies, knats, and mosquitoes.
How did I forget these? I hate mosquitos and all those darn biting flies. I would have to say that mosquitos are on the top of my list, as my least favorite thing about summer. Mosquitos love me for some reason, I get bit up like crazy and those flies love to bite cougar ears
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My favorite thing about summer is the sun and warmth. Being able to go outside and do things and being comfortable and just being more active outside! My least favorite thing about summer is bugs and spiders!!!
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Favorite - Going to Isle of Palms, its beautiful there!

Least favorite - this stupid South Carolina lowcountry humidity! ARGH!
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