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what happened to my cat??????

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ok, this past sunday (8/5), i noticed one of my cats, CT, acting funny....the 3rd eyelid in her right eye was slow to retract and that her right side whiskers were against her face and some bent....left side all normal.....tuesday morning when i went to go to bed, i noticed that her right eye would not blink at all, nor did it show signs that she was seeing out of it. needless to say, it scared the life out of me! after quietly panicking for a while, i went out to tell my dad what happened...and called around to see of someplace would see her.

when i did find a vet, she weighed 12lbs, temp- normal. im guessing her age is between 10-14... we both concluded that she really wasnt seeing out of her right eye at all. he was able to gently touch her eyeball with a pen cap and she never reacted until it touched. he gave me some eye ointment and gave her a shot of dexamethasone (Decadron).

she seems ok, to a point now, her eye sometimes blinks, and im putting the ointment in it every time i think about it. the pupil does seem to react to light (gets a bit smaller when light shone in)....a weird thing is, her right side whiskers now seem to be broken!

she seems to be eating well, drinking, and using the litter box. i began feeding her purina ONE the other day (was feeding her 9-lives dry). and she sometimes gets into a tiny "kitty brawl" with the other one, shiva.

this almost sounds like a stroke, but she aint walking in circles and showing no other signs.....maybe some sort of head trauma? sometimes shiva plays rough...

any insights into this would be appreciated...this cat means a lot to me...she showed up during a really bad part of my life and kept me from doing something rude to myself...
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I think you need to take her back to the vet, but you need to find the equivalent of a trauma center or hospital where they can run more tests and find out what is going on.

It sounds like the vet you took her to was able to treat the symptoms and you still need to identify the problem.

It sure sounds like a minor stroke of some kind to me too, without knowing much about strokes in cats. I wonder if her whiskers are breaking off as a result of lack of blood supply to that side of her face. At what point are they broken?
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It sounds like a stroke to me, my friends dog just had one and it was really hard to get a vet to diagnosis it. Poor guys face is a bit lower on one side then the other, and he no longers has vision in that eye either, he spends alot of time looking a bit confused but still very happy. I would take him back to a new vet and see what they have to say.
Good luck
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awe, poor kitty. Certianly keep us up to date on this & let us know what happens at the vet when you take her back
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Update on fuzzbutt...

CT seems to be doing ok....her whiskers seem broken about at the half way point....im pretty sure she aint got any vision on her right side either....i sometimes get gently "snapped at" if i sneak my fingers in and touch her cheek....she seems to have feeling on her right cheek though

our "emergency" animal vet here isnt my favorite.....every time i took an animal there it died....my rabbit died in pain, and my dog had to be put to sleep......theres a place that specializes in cats onle, and i plan to go there in the next few weeks to have CT looked at (AFTER i find a doctor for myself...bleh)
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