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The first pictures of my cats!

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I've tried to post them before with problems, but now I think I got the idea. I must have maybe 15 photos I'd love to share, but I can only post one at a time. Therefore, this will be an ongoing thread and will be very useful to me because I will have these images online in a place I can link to again!

Starting off with the one I've all ready shared, with Stripe and Oreo snuggling Unfortunetly I can not attach the same photo twice, so I will have to make a link to it instead.
(as I speak, Oreo is sleeping on top of the monitor with his paws hanging over the screen )

-Sarah of Borg
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Now I'd like to introduce you to Shadow, a total scaredy-cat!
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A nice close-up of Stripe, readin the newspaper
I love his white whiskers, contrasting to his black fur!
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Shadow's last close-up! It's hard to get this close with a big scary digital camera!!
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From when Oreo was a little younger. The best cat toy on Earth is what he thinks he's playing with; go to a toy store (like Discovery Store where I got mine) where they sell, for kids, those big long ribbons on a stick. It'll drive cats mad!!
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Great photos Sarah! Shadow and Stripe are so cute!
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Oreo watching birdies!
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absolutely great shots, how's you get the yellow out of the cats eyes? I ALWAYS get that (reverse?) red-eye with them.
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Stripe strikes one of his usual poses
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OK that's enough for tonight, I'll have to continue this tommorow night.
These are either digital photos or film. I don't have problems with red eye, with either camera.

OK I'm getting far to distracted by Oreo right now. He's on top of the moniter watching my fingures and the screeen!
LOL, a sound effect on my speaker went off he he stares at the speaker
Nothin like kittens

-Sarah of Borg
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I wish you could see a picture of our cat Austin. We are working on it, but he could be a sibling of your kitty Stripe. Austin also has almost identical markings on his paws, tummy and face. Austin's stripe on his nose is a little off center so that if you look at him straight on he looks like he is least I think so....
Is Stripe very big? Austin is very slender, he only weighes 8 lbs., he tends to be particular with what he eats.
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What a great cat family you have!
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Beautiful kitties Sarah! Shadow is so pretty!! I'm a bit partial to black cats, and she is a real stunner.
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Shadow is gorgeous for a black kitty, and although the camera dosn't catch it she has very golden eyes
Stripe's blaze is also a bit off-center, but he's a Really Big kitty at about 20 pounds.

I said I'd post more, and now that I have time I will post all the rest of the pics of my kitties that I have on the computer.

Starting off with an other Stripe close-up. He loves the camera
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Oreo's turn for a close-up! Yes, he has Really orange eyes!
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I've finnally run out of images that I've scanned of Stripe, Oreo, and Shadow.
Here's a few that are a tribute to the late G.C. and Mustache.

Starting with one of 3 photos I ever took of G.C., and although out of focus it shows one of the facial expressions he was most famous for.
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Your kittys are absolutely adorable Sarah, thank you for sharing.

-Jen & Wilma
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GC sittin on the bed, showing off he's good looks
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And Finnaly, a professional photo of the late Mustache. Him and Stripe, who were brothers, were the best cat friends you ever saw. Unfrotunetly, the other photos ever taken of Mustache were accidentally destroyed.
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I just loved looking at all those pictures!!! Thanks!!!!
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