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Felidae< Good Or Bad?

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Hello Everyone,

I Currently Feed My Dog Canidea And I Was Wondering If The Cat Dry Food Is Any Good. Does Anybody Use This? Because Right Now I Have Been Feeding My Cats Cat Chow And Am Just Getting Concerned About Their Health With The Whole Recall Thing Going On. My Vet Suggests To Just Feed Them Wet Food And Thats All, But Its Very Expensive With Three Cats And They Are Picky Eatters And I Wind Up Buying All These Wet Foods For Nothing After A While.

If Anybody Knows About The Felidea Food And If Their Cats Like It, And If Its Even Worth Trying, Please Reply To This Thread, Thanx!!

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It is a very good food, my cats won't touch the dry, but they like the wet
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Good food didnt like the results of the dry ... and only one wet is eaten
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Its supposed to be a good food but my can't won't eat the wet. I have not tried the dry.
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It is a good food
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yeah I think it is a good food for the price. My dog loved the canidae but after about six months or so she got sick of it and wouldn't eat it so I switched to Innova and now she is eating again. You could also try it and see. Have you looked at the Eagle Pack that is a good food at a good price. Well I think it's an ok price.
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Thanks for the replys. My dog likes the Canidae but I always add a tbsp of wet food bc she needs to gain some weight. But once I stop the wet food....we will find out LOL
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i tried to get my cats to try it....but they were like "not so much". wouldn't even touch the stuff. never tried the wet food though...
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