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New Kitten sick

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I just got a new kitten yesterday from the animal shelter and his first day he was perfectly fine, running around playing and full of life. Today, however, he's started vomiting. Its been yellow and mucus-y and he's been throwing up less and less of the stuff throughout the day. He's also had diarreaha of a yellowish brown color. After looking online I found that the clumping kitty litter I was using could be the cause and replaced it with nonclumping stuff immediately.

After each time he's vomitted, he's drank a little water, and I made sure he drank some a little while ago, but then he vomitted up a bit of water and white frothy stuff.

Hopefully I'll be able to get him into the vet tomorrow, but I just want to make sure that the clumping litter was most likely the cause, and I'm wondering if he'll be okay because he was only exposed to it for a day or so.

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How old is he? Do you think he could have ate any of the litter?
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Sounds like he's vomiting bile?

With kittens God knows what can cause this type of thing. They get in to so many things *Looks at her two* Stress (I was told stress IE a new home can cause the runs, but I shouldn't think that stress would make them vomit too?)

No real advice other then agreeing with your statement of getting him to the vet asap

Young kittens can go down hill so fast when they vomit and have diarrhea more so if he is vomiting the water he drinks after

for kitty!

please keep us updated
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We're not sure exactly how old he is, he was older than the other kittens they had there, so he's probably close to 2 months.

He's still playing around and he isn't crying, he just seems like he doesn't feel well. Hopefully we'll get him in to the vet tomorrow as he needs vaccinations too

And he only vomited the water after we sort of fed it to him, so maybe we just gave him too much
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If he hasn't been vaccinated,then he probably hasn't been dewormed,right? If he is eating and keeping his food down and vomiting just fluid,then he may just be wormy. Just make sure he at least eats moist food and he should be OK until tomorrow. But I wouldn't wait any longer than that to take him to the vet.
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