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I got my Secret Santa Box!!!!!

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Laurie I can't believe what you sent! You are a very naughty girl!! I am over whelmed by your generosity! Thank you sooooooo much, that is the most I have ever been spoilt.

It was so exciting when I opened the door and there was a man there with a box! LOL! Then I nearly killed myself trying to pick it up! You must have spent a fortune on postage! I am so mad at you! I staggered inside with it and put it on the floor and the cats and I proceeded to open it! I felt like a little kid again!

The kitties loved the excitement as well and Tatyana jumped onto the box and started chewing on the corner of the lid flap. When I took the shredded paper out the furkids were in heaven so I thought I had better put it into a plastic bag so that they didn't get it all over the floor and Tat decided to sit in the bag also! I was so excited!

ALL THOSE CHOCOLATES WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now officially in Chocolate Heaven! The little bows immediately took the kitties attention and I had to fight them off! hehehehe!!! Then the millions of beautiful, fun, sweet, delightful gifts............ Oh Laurie you really shouldn't have done all this! A T-Shirt and a chocolate would have been plenty! Tatyana grabbed one of the Christmas stockings and ran off with it immediately LOL! and when she managed to get the mousie out she just went mad tossing it around and playing with it! Then Piglet got a mousie too and boy did they have fun! The other mousies came out soon after and they are now spread out in my lounge room floor and they love them, thank you so much! The T-shirts are just fantastic and we are all fighting over who gets what LOL! My brother immediately wanted the NYPD shirt much to Peters disappointment hehehe! The books are great and I have the Cat one on my bedside table so I can look through it every night! The Holiday one is so funny and I am enjoying that too! The Cat treats and Bubbles are a big hit and the furbabies say a huge furry thank you! The games are great and I am already practicing my magic tricks! I haven't seen silly putty since I was about 13 so that was a trip down memory lane also! I love the Snoopy tags and thank you for even thinking of that! You are truly amazing! I loved every single thing in there! I am truly honoured that you did this for me, I can only hope I can repay your immense kindness over time! You are my little angel, this came as such a wonderful surprise. The card and stickers are just gorgeous! I have been running around showing every one I know all the things you sent and only letting a few people sample the chocolates hehehe!

Laurie thank you from the bottom of my heart! You do too much! You've made my day, week, month and year!
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The paper was in the bag!!!
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Leslie - I just happened to pop in for one minute, and here's your post! I'm SO GLAD it got there. I'm sorry I missed Christmas - but glad you're enjoying!

I guess I just got carried away....

I DID send Hershey's (among others), which many people who've never had it hate. So I won't take it personally if you don't enjoy it. I tried to send chocolates you can't get there, and few that you might, but the formulas would be different. Thought you might enjoy taste-testing! Just give the ones you don't like away!

And I knew from the "obsessions" thread that you enjoyed going through your grandma's box with buttons and things - thus lots of little boxes with "things" inside. My family always exchanges silly gifts - it helps us remain young, I guess.

Hope you're enjoying a silly second Christmas!!!!!

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The Goodies!
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I missed the secret santa but see it was too much fun. Maybe we can arrange something for valentines or something. What do you all think?
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More goodies!
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P.S. I see Shelly's bag of "confetti" on top there - I'm glad the kids had fun "finishing" making it!!!!
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Tatyana loved the stocking!
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...For those who don't know, SHelly is a shredder. I mistakenly left one of the presents out of the box - it was wrapped in red tissue paper. I woke up the next morning to a living room full of shredded red paper LOL! I stuffed it in a bag and sent it along! (Thought it might come in handy New Year's if the package made it in time).
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She was like "let me play with it let me at it!!!"
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"Come on there's more keep going mum!"

By the way they just loved Shelly's package. it made such a lovely decoration over the floor. Thanks Shelly *Ahem*
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If your kitties are anything like mine, the empty box vied for its position as the favorite thing!
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Laurie thank you again, you are so sweet and thoughtful to remember things like my Grandmas tins and boxes and yes it did bring back memories, I was sitting on the floor delighting in the hundreds of packages, tins, boxes that you put into this amazing package!

The Chocolates are great! It really is amazing how different they taste though! So far my Favourites are the different crunches and the peanut cups! I am starting to look like a peanut cup! LOL!

Thanks again Laurie, it was very much appreciated from all of us!
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We all had fun!

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I missed the secret santa but see it was too much fun. Maybe we can arrange something for valentines or something. What do you all think?
I missed it too. Denise, that sounds great, how would we arrange it though? It couldn't possibly be 'secret' santa, could it?
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It's a bit too late, I think, to organize a "Secret Valentine." It takes a lot of planning and co-ordination - the members have to have time to sign up and find out about it, and a moderator has to co-ordinate the assignments, etc.

Daniela (dtolle) was kind enough to volunteer for all the headaches of putting together the Secret Santa. She did a GREAT job - but she started organizing it in September, and closed the "sign-ups" in October.

My guess is, you'll just have to stick around on TCS all year in order to participate in next year's Secret Santa!

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Hmmmmm Secret Valentines hey????

I must say that I am a tad worried about that one hehehe!! It reminds me of the snoopy cartoons on Valentines where Lucy kept sending cards to Schroeder calling him her sweet baboo! As much as I love you gals on this site I must say it is purely platonic LMAO! :tounge2:
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What a wonderful spoil! Look at that kitty play. Laurie, that was wonderful of you to send all those goodies!
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I did indeed get very very very spoilt!!!
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If you guys do a Valentines' swap I'm not organizing again!! LOL

Seriously though, it is a lot of work and I really think its only worth it for Christmas time. It takes time, not to mention not everyone who signs up doesn't always come thru!! So the headaches continue!!!!!

But if you guys do organize one for VDay, by all means count me in to participate!!!!!!!!! I'll gladly mail a valentine to one of our fabulous members!!
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Leslie, is that PIGLET in those pics??? OMG shes gotten so BIG!! So has Tatyana. That's it! We need updated pics of all your furries.

P.S. How's little Amelie doing?
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It would have to be a cupid thing. I will start a thread about it!
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As long as someone else is organising can count me in.
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Oh Laurie!!! What a wonderful secret santa you were!!!! And Bundylee, those pics of the cats with the gifts were so cute!!!
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