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How in the world am I supposed to get a job?

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I need money, but in order to get money I'd have to get a job. There are plenty of jobs available, but I can't apply to 90% of them because:
a) You have to have your grade twelve or higher (I'm still in school)
b) You have to have your driver's licence
c) You have to be over nineteen
d) Must be able to do heavy lifting
e) I don't do well with strangers (I have anxiety issues with going in public) and I have difficulty counting money

I just went and looked at a bunch of available jobs in my area and there's only two I could apply for: cashier at a gas station or a clerk at a carwash. If I had to choose one, I'd pick the gas station job because you only have to work a few times a week. My brother used to work at the same place as well. The thing is, I'm horrible with counting money and the station is on a busy road so there would be lots of customers. I have no idea what to do!

I had to let my frustration out.. I know I need a job (most people my age in high school already have jobs) but I don't know if I could handle one.
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Oh *hugs* i know how you feel!

I don't drive. Didn't complete year 12. Have a bung hip, so i can't do a job where i'm standing the whole day (that knocks off retail) and after about 2 hours of talking to strangers i want to wipe the cheesy 'have a nice day' grin from my face and throttle them all!! I'm 23, i did Tafe (trade school) the year after i left college, and since then been to interviews/trial days and done a BILLION volunteer jobs

*hugs* I'm sending you lots and lots of vinbes, and letting you know you're not alone.
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Is there anything you could do around your neighborhood to earn some extra money? Dog walking, mowing the lawn, running errands for elderly neighbors? If you know your neighbors and feel comfortable around them, see if they need anything done. You'd be surprised how many people would be willing to pay to have some of the more mundane tasks taken off them, especially if it's a neighbor helping them out.
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
Is there anything you could do around your neighborhood to earn some extra money? Dog walking, mowing the lawn, running errands for elderly neighbors?...
Those are great ideas! I was thinking along the lines of cleaning, decluttering garages, or house or pet sitting, etc. for neighbors when they go out of town.

You could make flyers and put them in their mailboxes if you aren't comfortable approaching them.
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I second Calico's ideas.

I personally wouldn't work at a gas least here in the states, I hear too many cashiers getting robbed at the busier sites. But that could just be a completely different culture.

What about local restaurants? Most restaurants have "expediters" which all they do is just deliver the food from the kitchen to the tables. Or even hosting at restaurants, just seat people and're done with them once you've sat them.

PS, I don't know how bad your anxiety levels are, but if they're mild, working in limited customer service helps you manage your anxiety levels. I'm a shy person IRL, but often times you can't tell when I'm on the job.
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Oh sweetie your not giving yourself enough credit you mentioned you have anxiety attacks are you on medication and or seeing a therapist if not maybe you should think about it . If your anxiety is real bad you will be surprise how much better you will feel with the proper help. As for a job at your age it can be difficult with your schooling and hours that a employer would be looking to hire you to work. I have to tell you your a special person but your selling yourself short (just a old saying in case you haven't heard it before) anyway to be able to say your having difficultly with counting money. Well the first step is knowing and the second one is to get help is it possible you could talk to your teacher or guidance counselor I'm sure one if not both will help you . Here is a idea buy some toy money if this will be easier for you.. Example: start with a $5 dollar bill lets say the gas comes to $2.49 the customer gave you $5.00 dollars the change back would be $ 2.51. you can use all types of bills and change also you could practice using paper to writing down examples like above and check your change back with a calculator . Really all you have to do it
practice practice practice
I hope you don't misunderstand this post by no means is this meant to treat you like a little kid nor meant to hurt or imply anything bad . I'm a Mom and it's the mom coming out in me that wants to help you I might of gone on with this post but it can be hard trying to express what I mean and not be misunderstood.

I truly wish you the very best you will be ok. I'm here if you need any help
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My first job was dishwashing at a little cafe. It was really easy and I only worked weekends. I wonder if there is anything like that you could do.

I used to be soooo shy and I worked at Tim Hortons and it really helped. I used to be pretty bad counting money, especially with all the coins we have in Canada but I got used to it after a while. After you do it for a while, you don't even have to think about it anymore.

Good luck finding a job.
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I'm 16, and have my driver's license and work at a clothing store. I did get my first job at 15 (before I had my driver's license) as doing janitress work at Dairy Queen. It wasn't gross or anything. I would sweep and clear off the tables. It was really easy and the pay wasn't that bad either. Good luck!!
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Have you looked into job training ?? often they help find jobs
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Since you are still in school, is there a teacher you are close to? One that would work with you on making change and help you learn to deal with people?
The more you deal with people in pubic, the easier it gets (ask my son). Besides, most of the people don't know you or won't see you again - so no big deal.
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p.s s0rry ab0ut the typing, my keyb0ard is br0ken!

My very first j0b was when i was 16, i was a waitress, i d0nt advise it because unless they train y0u, y0u are g0ing t0 g0 crazy with the anxiety. It didnt help that i had f0und my self a b0yfriend wh0 wasnt all s0 nice and is0lated me fr0m m0re pe0ple.

If y0u have bad anxiety attacks then y0u sh0uld seek medical advice.

But y0u can gr0w 0ut 0f anxiety! I am n0w an English teacher. I used t0 hate standing up infr0nt 0f class and giving speeches 0r g0ing up 0n the b0ard. I als0 w0rk at the airp0rt as a Beauty C0nsultant.

N00ne w0uld have ever th0ught i w0uld get this far after being s0 scared 0f pe0ple and i have t0 admit I l0ve b0th j0bs!

I als0 d0nt have a license n0r a high sch00l dipl0ma! haha.. But there f0r i have 0ther advantages 0f travelling and languages.
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Gosh, there are so many kinds of jobs that seniors are begging to find people who will do them [i.e. clean gutters, pull weeds, rake lawns, cut down shrubs or branches, haul debris to the curb for the garbage guys, wash outside windows, dig out bushes, trim branches from trees, etc., etc.] You need to advertise your services on a local "shoppers" paper (if you have one). Good luck!
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here - try this - it is for student's only
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Here's a . You do have a lot of challenges there.

How about cleaning or landscaping jobs? Typically you can have as much or as little contact with others as you want in those kinds of jobs. They're not a barrel of fun, and it is hard work, but it's a job...
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Have you thought about a telemarketing job,, or at home job.. Something not one on one...
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I am a very shy person, too. I also excel in the customer service field. It was very hard at first, then I sort of learned to wear a mask - the customer service face Most of the people you will not see again, and if you do, you get to know then in minute increments over a long period of time. My first CS job was fast food when I was 16. Boy I cried every day after work or sometimes in the restroom on my breaks. It was so stressful trying to deal with all those people. Then, it became easier until now it is just second nature. I am still very shy, though.

Counting change is also learnable. It takes practice. Most cash registers now will tell you what the change should be. It would still be good to practice though just to know it.

You told us all the things you don't think you would be good at. What are your good qualities? In which areas do you feel strong or excel?

I understand your frustration! I am a high school drop-out so my options have always been limited. Now that I have a bachelor's degree, I am hoping the scope widens a bit.
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Originally Posted by angelkitty View Post
Have you thought about a telemarketing job,, or at home job.. Something not one on one...
You have to be 18 to be a telemarketer. It was a pooey job!
I didnt get a job until after high school, but I wish I had had one sooner! Maybe try your local grocery store, most of them will hire as young as 14. Its not a bad job and you really dont have to deal with people for more than a few minutes at a time and you dont really have to talk to them. But the good thing about it is it will tell you exactly how much you owe the person in change and you can practice with money and get better! Or if you dont want to do that, you could try maybe working at a fast food place? A lot of places will let you work around a parents driving sched.

Good luck!
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What about the library? Or retirement homes? Or if you're very strong in a subject (grammar, math, computers), then you could tutor/teach.

Sometimes it's a good experience to cast yourself into the flames so to speak. Even if you're a shy person, or can't count change, if you struggle with it for a bit it'll become more natural for you later on and you'll gain a useful skill in the process.
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If you were in the states I'd recommend Job Corps.
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