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new kitten doesn't want to leave the computer room

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We have the kitten's litter box, and food/water dish in our computer room. He doesn't seem to want to leave to go exploring at all. He will go in our room if we bring him in but will either go to sleep on our bed, or go right back to the computer room.

We bring him downstairs and he will hide under the table and then run back upstairs to "his" room. Will he eventually stop doing this, I want him to hang out with the family eventually. I know he's just adjusting now but I get worried he won't ever want to leave the computer room.
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How old is he? Are there are cats or dogs in the place? Noisy children? Have you tried knotting a thin cord and wiggling it slowly away from him (towards wherever you want him to go)? Or rolling a 3/4" foil ball away for him to chase? If he's really small though, let him be where he feels safe. He won't stay there forever. When he's older, you can very gradually move his food towards and out the door, but over days, not a day.
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How old is he and how long have you had him? Some kittens are just more cautious. Try to introduce him slowly room by room - take the smaller ones first. A large living room or dining room can be scary for a little kitten if just put in there and expected to be ok with things.
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he's about 8-9 weeks old. We have 1 dog and 2 kids but I seperate the dog from cat and let the kitten have his special exploring time without the dog to bother him (although our dog loves babies). Our kids usually will just leave him alone to to check the place out but we do have to remind them a few times. I'm trying to keep things as quiet as possible.
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maybe you should have each of the kids(one at at time) spend quality time with the kitten in his "safe room" i.e computer room. or just play with him a little everyday (that probably happens anyway but if it doesn't...) or have them play a little in the computer room then transfer them into your room, a room that is proven safe. and maybe do it a with the dog, not in the computer room but in the bedroom. other than that it will just take time. i'm sorry if i'm preaching to the choir or repeating what you already know. that is what i would do. my kitten had never been outside until he became mine and i would put him outside, first with me always there and i would bring him in when he started to freak out. i did that then put him out for about 5-10 mins alone. now he wakes me up in the morning for me to feed him and let him outside. just trying to be helpful.
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8-9 weeks is still rather young, this is usually when the mother cat still keeps them in one place or wherever she's moved them too - they tend not to wander too much from what would be safety. Since you put his litter box there and his food, that's his room. It means safety too him.

For now, let him have his room and play with him there. Being a kitten, he'll get curious and come out more when he's ready.
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Hi lonelykitten,

When I got my first cat, he was 7-8 weeks too. We had rescued him from the wild, and he was flea ridden and terrified. He would hiss when you reached for him, yet when you would hold him he would just purr and snuggle. We kept him in the bathroom while he was small, and when we opened the door to let him explore he just stayed there. I think he camped out behind the toilet for 3 weeks.

For one suggestion I would try to bring the other animals to him so you can introduce them in a supervised environment. Just be patient and I think he will come around. He's a tiny little guy in a big giant strange place!
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He has become a WILD FIRE! Yesterday we couldn't get him to stay in one room. He was flying up and down the stairs, running everywhere. He has definetely warmed up to everyone (even the dog). Today he's not much different either (good thing we named him Chaos because he sure likes to cause it).
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Originally Posted by lonelykitten View Post
(good thing we named him Chaos because he sure likes to cause it).
that's a new one. you will probably use it a lot now that he is growing up. lol.
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