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Kitten very sick

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I have a girl kitten, and her name is Princess. She is now 6 months old, and i have had her since she was 6 weeks old. My roomate also has her brother. Both kittens were very healthy all throughout the time we had them. However about 5 days ago maybe i came home from work and Princess was really sick. What i think happened was she fell into a bowl of like water and then glade scented oil.. it was like an insence dish my roomate had. Anyways, she fell in and it coated her hind legs. So then i think she tried cleaning herself, and ingested the scented oil. When i got home she was vomiting, had a fever, very dialated pupils and she was making a type of gurgling noise. Right away i took her to the vet. He looked her over, and gave her something to settle her stomach and instructed me to feed her sugar water to further help settle her tummy and make sure she was staying hydrated. Now it had been 5 days since then. She is eating, and drinking. However, she still is not back to herself. She just lays in her bed, all day and all night. And when she has like almost coughing fits. She like crouches down on the floor and makes a very croopy cough sound and her whole body kind of convulses. I don't know what to do, or how else i can make her more comfortable. My mom thinks maybe she has a respiratory problem and after having her immuse system down from ingesting the mixture it just brought it forward. Any thoughtS??
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Oh Sweetie that poor baby Princess you did the right thing by taking her to the vet right away is that all the vet said was give her sugar water is she still running a temp ? If your mom is right about the baby having a respiratory infection she will need to go back to the vet . I wish I had a magic cure to give you . Thank goodness she is ok . What did the vet say about the glade scented oil ? I know this is a dumb question to ask you but I will feel better knowing did you give her a bath I think if there is any oil left on her maybe this is why she isn't getting better . Let us know how she is making out will be waiting to hear.

Sending a to watch over Princess and you
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As soon as i came home from the vet i took a cloth and washed all the crap out of her her hinds legs. So that she couldnt ingest any more of it. And yeah, she still has a temp. The thing that scares me the most though is the cough thing i was trying to describe. At times it almost sounds like she has asthma, or a really bad cough. But she like goes into a little ball and almost like dry heaves while making the noise. The vet didn't really say too much. He said that she didn't seem tender when he touched her, and she had really good hydration. The only advice he gave me was giving her the sugar water to calm her stomach, and to wait 24 hour before trying to give her any food. He said her temperature was just a little above normal and that he thought with just resting and settling her stomach she would be good to go. I just hate seeing her in so much discomfort.
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I think I'd take her back to the vet - she may have inhailed some of the stuff rather then just licking it off. Hope she's better real soon
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I'd consider taking her to another vet for a second opinion.

It may also be that she ingested a lot of hair from trying to clean herself so much. I'm a little worried about the rolling into a little ball though. A cat often looks like it's having the dry heaves when they're trying to cough up a fur ball - but they usually kind of sit and then stretch their necks out, not curl up in a ball.

I hope your baby fully recovers from this ordeal - and I hope that open dish of scented oil has been removed!

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Sorry I can't add to the already excellent advice you've received, but I'm sending good thoughts and prayers for your little sweetie! I hope she makes a full recovery.
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I'm sending good vibes your way. Best of luck!
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