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what should i look out for??

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miss kuan yin has decided lately that she doesn't enjoy wet food very much (i feed her a combo of wet and dry and she is 2 and 1/2 months old). she seems to be leaving it and only taking to her dry food...could possibly be because the dogs eat dry food and she's always trying to steal it as a snack (the kibble is so big it takes her forever to eat just one piece and NO i don't plan on making that her diet as i know of the nutritional deficiency issue..i'm just saying she can't be full off that)...maybe she wants to eat like them? anyway, is this normal for such a young kitten to prefer dry? and if she stays this way...what should i look out for??? i've heard wet is more beneficial which is why i'm worried about her new taste..she's never been finicky before but then again she is a youngin'...
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Our cats aren't big lovers of wet food. We've tried all kinds. They didn't like any of the high quality ones. Fortunately, they love dry food, so we feed them a high quality dry food and make sure we have lots of clean water out and available for them.

We feed them "dinner" every evening - a bowl of wet food. But because they were never big fans, we split one can six ways (six cats) and mix a little warm water into it. I don't think they're getting much nutrition from the wet food, but they're getting moisture.

I think there are more problems with a wet food only diet than a dry food only diet. With dry food, they can get the moisture they need from water. And with dry food they also get the crunching they need to help keep plaque at bay (though a dental every few years when they're young is still a good idea).

If she loved her food, she'd be eating it regardless of the dogs' diet.

Just make sure she's getting a high quality kitten food (has more protein for her growing needs now) for her first year with access to lots of clean water and I'm sure she'll be fine!

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maybe she's losing some teeth and the chewing of the hard food makes her gums feel better? Lots of people say that when a puppy is teething hard food with hurt his gums but I find my puppy liked chewing on kibble it must have felt good to him.
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