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need a new pillow

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I can never seem to find a pillow that doesn't suck!! I sleep on my side so I need a firm pillow but every one I get always ends up flat as a pancake within a month. Argggg, I just want a decent pillow.
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I bought a memory foam pillow last fall when they were on sale at Elder-Beerman. I liked it so much that when they went on sale again this spring, I bought another one. It's one that is a regular rectangle shape, not that odd shaped one that most places carry. I might get some more for the guest room if they go on sale again this fall. They're kind of pricy (about $30 on sale, but they're SO comfortable that they're worth every penny!) http://www.elder-beerman.com/hotbuys...ber=0000000033
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I agree with the Memory foam pillows! Rob & I bought one in NJ for $24 (the reason we only bought one at the time!) We loved it so much we bought a 2nd one for the same price when we got back to SC.
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Memory foam also, with the contour for the neck to help support it, now I can't sleep with a 'regular' pillow
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I have a pillow that I got from Zellers. It is down alternative. It was $26.99 but I got it when they were buy one get one free.
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