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Foster cat

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You all know that I am adopting a deaf cat who is coming to his furrever home this Saturday and the man has asked me if I can take in another deaf cat, I cannot permanently keep him, but I have agreed to foster him if it is urgently needed. I dont want that cat turned out into the street because no one can find a home for him, but I am so sure that there are deaf people I know who would love to have a deaf cat so pray that I can find a home for it. But if anyone here knows someone who is willing to adopt a deaf cat, by all means, let me know!
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Kellye, you are an angel. You, of course, know what "temporary" means - especially for a deaf cat, right?

You've a heart of gold. They're so lucky to have you!

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A big round of applause for taking in a deaf cat, and fostering another. A friend of mine has a deaf Australian Shepard, and although Annie can be a handful, she is not that much different from any other 9 month old puppy. My friend has taught her to respond to sign language (i.e. the sign for "A" meaning her name, signs for walk, out, quit it, go to bed, etc.) Lord knows, Ivo doesn't always respond to what I say to her , but from what I've heard and read, deaf cats make wonderful pets. I'm sure you'll find a great furrever home for your foster kitty!

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That is so wonderful! There are so many "imperfect" animals out there that nobody wants. It is great to see someone who can see beyond that. Last month we adopted a totally blind cat. She may be less than perfect, but she is absolutely purr-fect as far as we are concerned. It is a challanage integrating a handicapped animal into the furry family, and trying to make the transition into the new environment as smooth as possible for Miss Lucy. We are learning every day from our new little one and are very open to anyone who has had experience with blind cats for advise. Please, if anyone has or has had any experience with a blind kitty, please give us any hints you may have to make life easier for her. Kiwideus, I am sending you the link to a new support posting board for people who have deaf or blind pets. http://boards2.ivillage.com/messages/get/ptdeaf1.html
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I just read about your Miss Lucy. What a wonderful person you are do help this cat. Knowing me, I will probably end up keeping this cat! I am a real softy, and when I heard about this cat, I offered to foster it for a while while I found a home for it.
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Blind kitties are wonderful! I have had several in rescue and they never cease to amaze me. If you need any tips, just email me- be happy to share what I know.
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When you get the kitties Please post some picutres I would love to see your new additions.
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Oh I definitely will! I promise!
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This guy sounds fishy to me... why would he give you one, then ask you to find a home for another for him? Perhaps he needs to get many off his back and sees you as an easy outlet... I don't know if you know him, but please beware! Strangers are still strangers.

Aside from that, Bless your heart for being who you are. We need more sensitive people like you.
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Too bad, that you're so far away. My best friend, Katey, would jump at this.

She has two deaf Dalmatians, a blind dog and a blind horse. The Dalmatians are my Ike's mother and sister. They respond to stomps on the floor and hand signals. Katey uses a flyswatter, as a pointer, to tell them where to go. The hearing dogs picked up on this and, when we show Ike a flyswatter, he goes to his bed.

For a housepet, I don't see that deafness or blindness is a big problem, since they are protected and looked out for.
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Kellye you are definitely an angel for taking in both cats in need. You know, I would think that teaching the foster sign language at the same time as you teach your other kitty would make him infinitely more adoptable you may have found a niche that could even develop into a career or at least a good hobby.
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Oh boy. Looks like I am going to be a foster mum! The cat man put me in touch with the woman who has the other deaf cat - he wants me to take care of it because his shelter is full, he is 2 hours away from here and this cat is in town. She explained to me that she already has 2 other cats and cannot keep the deaf cat.....mmm......poor wee girl....now I know she is a spayed female, all white, had all shots, and is very sweet. Plus we know of a lot of deaf people a while away from here and I am pretty sure that I can find a home with deaf owners because deaf people jump at the chance to help deaf animals. I know, I am one of them! We also pick up our kitten tomorrow, and we are all ready!
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Woohoo!!I'm so excited for you!

Post lots of pics and details, details, details!

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