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To the kitty on the road

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Around the corner from my friends house, lies a little tabby kitty w/ pink flea collar.

I am sure he was ran over.......

I wish someone would move him out of the road, hes been there since yesterday. And obviously someones pet, because of the collar.

RIP sweetie!!
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AAww that's soo sad!

RIP sweetheart!
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This is something I wrote in a similar circumstance.

Beside the black-top roadway that I ride
to reach my cats who wait for me at home,
just lying there so still and all alone,
a black and white tux kitty cat who died.
I could not stop, although I would have tried:
the road was wet, the winter’s winds did moan,
and near my tail lights, as close as a clone,
another car that I feared would collide.

Arriving home, I’m greeted now with mews
and slashing tails of hungry feline friends,
I dish out food, but could not share this news,
could not explain my tears that would not end.
My inside cats, thank goodness, will not know
a lonely roadside death in melting snow.
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How very sad. RIP sweet one.
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Aw I hate to see things like that. I really hope the kittys owners find him/her soon and have a proper burial. So sweet that you made a thread for the poor kitty.
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Poor cherub If she's still there today i would move her

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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Poor cherub If she's still there today i would move her

I would move the poor little kitty too, otherwise it will keep getting run over.
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RIP sweet little kitty. You are in a warm and special and loving place now.
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She is gone now....actually noticed her gone Monday.
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It always breaks my heart to see an animal dead in the road....and especially a cat, because I love them so! Poor baby!
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I'm glad that someone took care of her. I hope she was taken home for a proper burial.

rip little kitty
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