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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

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Well, it's Sunday. The weekend is almost over, and Monday is almost here.

Did anyone do anything exciting this weekend? Anything fun?

This weekend I had to work. My boss's went to Las Vegas, and I had to cover some shifts. I worked all of last week, the weekend, and then all of this week....

To top things off- I got sick Friday night. There is noone to cover so I worked sick. I am still sick. I'm thinking about calling into work tomorrow though...

I'm already counting down the days until NEXT weekend! I want to sleep in!

C'mon what did you do this weekend?
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My weekend was uneventful. I'ts DH's weekend to work and we're broke anyway so we haven't done anything.
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Well let's see I had fun taking and posting my 3 girls and playing with Babe who is 8 wks old she is a handful this should be running around all over the house. Oh yea and posting back and forth with you all........Did go out to dinner last night with hubby.

Exciting HUH
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I worked all weekend as well..

Infact I had a very frustrating weekend because several staff members called in sick, which meant the rest of use had to work extra hard and pick up the slack.

Now I don't doubt that a couple of them were actually sick, there has been a nasty flu going around but the other two well lets just say they seem to get sick a lot when they a scheduled to work weekends
Making sweet and sour chicken wings for dinner with sauteed veggies and rice..
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I didn't do much. Just got some errands done and some cleaning.
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Mom, my sister and me went and saw HAIRSPRAY Saturday night! What a fun movie!
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I went to the drive in on Friday and saw Hot Rod and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Yesterday, I worked and then went to my boyfriends uncles birthday party. Today I worked and now I am just sitting around because I am exhausted.
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Well yesterday I watered a couple of my perennial gardens and did some weeding in a couple of them too. Then I watched a movie Neil rented-The Long weekend (stupid) and cooked some ribs and a yummy salad for dinner.
Today we drove to my parents and gave them their anniversary (52 yrs)gift and took them out too lunch (Texas Roadhouse), then went to visit some friends of theirs.
Nothing too exciting!!
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Lets see, yesterday we drove to Savannah, GA to sell someone the transmission out of my car (we have a better one in it now). Came back and took a nap til 7pm (we were BEAT. Probably because we only got 6 hours sleep the night before, then drove 4 hours there & back). Went to a place called Italian Bistro II (AMAZING real Italian pizza/calzones/etc) for dinner. Came home and put our new dresser in place and went through all our clothes and cleaned our room from 11pm-2am (I've always been a late cleaner Plus the fact we had that nap, we were wide awake).

Slept til 10am this morning. Hung around the house til about noon then picked up a part for my car from a friend. He said it was $100 day at the junkyard - $100 for whatever you could carry or roll out of the yard. So we ended up taking ANOTHER transmission (same as the one we just sold for $550) out of a car, the taillights, shifter, and manual seat racks from another car and popped them all in the wheel barrow. Only $100 for all of that, and we'll probably make $700 off everything. Now I'm waiting on Rob so we can head to Coldstone and get some Cookie Mintster
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Sadly, nothing to exciting here. Hubby and I have the day off together and we cleaned fish tanks, the house, mowed, and weedwacked the lawn. Nothing to exciting like I said.
Now we are eating cheese Ravoli with hubbys home made sauce and 5 cheese garlic toast
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