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hey guys, My sassy has been have these "tremors" lately.
She is eating, drinking, using the litter box and playing normally just as she always has, but now when she is in her relaxed state she starts to shake a little. this has been going on for about a week now. im not sure why.
i keep my apartment temp at above 70 all the time.
Also she is 4 months old and not spayed yet.
they are not massive shakes like seizures or anything, but just little tremors.
what could this be? is this something that i should be worried about?

thanks in advance.
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From my experience I don't think it is a problem. I am no expert but several of my cats do the same thing when they are sleeping. It is a twitching/Slight shaking...usually when they are in a deep sleep. It is movement when they are having a dream.
If you are worried you can either call your vet and see if they think it is a problem.
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My cats also do this when they are deeply asleep, I think that's normal. On the other hand, if she is having tremors when she's awake, I would think that calls for a visit to the vet. I have no idea what might cause it, but it doesn't sound normal.
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I agree with the others. If it happens when she's in a deep sleep, she's just enjoying something - hunting, being petted, whatever. But if it happens when she's awake, I'd get her to a vet.

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